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Why is My Ring Camera/ Spotlight/ Floodlight Siren Not Loud?

Last Updated Jul 11, 2022
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So, you just purchased your brand new Ring Cam. You read through all the instructions and followed the steps to install it. And then, just to confirm it is working properly, you test out the siren. After you trigger it though, to your dismay, the sound is much lower than expected.

If you purchased the Ring Floodlight Cam or the Ring Spotlight Cam, the siren can go up to 110 decibels, and the user can not adjust the sound for these devices. According to the Perdue University, this sound level is equivalent to a live rock concert or a riveting machine. But a number of customers have not been experiencing that kind of sound level.

Although the siren volume can not be adjusted at this time by users, there are things users can do to troubleshoot or make their experience with these Ring devices better. Keep reading below to see what these things are. 

The First Thing To Do

A general rule when working with devices is to power it down and then power it back on. Sometimes, devices need to be shut down completely so they can begin operating as intended. Try doing this first before anything else because it can save you time, energy, and money. The siren is programmed to work at its maximum volume of 110 decibels and that is what you should hear.

There are reports from the Ring Community that the siren is a lower than expected volume. There are many commenters in the Ring Community forum posts that have shared their experiences of the sound being lower than 110 decibels, and they have been requesting Ring to make adjustments.

  1. Locate the switch at the breaker for your Ring device.
  2. Push this switch off.
  3. Wait two to five seconds.
  4. Push this switch on.
  5. Wait two to five seconds.
  6. Then, you can either do something to trigger the alarm (like passing by it) or set the siren off in your Ring app.

Persisting Issues

After trying to shut it down, powering it back on, and hearing a siren that is still too low, it is strongly recommended to get in contact with Ring.

They do value their customer’s feedback, and you have a right to express any dissatisfaction. You can contact a member of their support team by either calling, chatting, or joining their Ring Community and making a post in their forums. You can find this information at this address.

In their Ring Community, they have a Feature Board, and here you can state that you would like for the siren to be louder for your device. Be sure to indicate what device it is as well as the year and any other information that you think is pertinent (such as your location or if it was refurbished or used).

Still Dissatisfied?

Something else you can do is either purchase another Ring device that is known for not having many issues with the siren such as the Ring Alarm Outdoor Siren or get a refund or exchange and purchase a completely different device from Ring or from a different company.

The Ring Alarm Outdoor Siren actually has volume controls. You can select from five different sound levels: Silent, Very Low, Low, Loud, Very Loud. This actually may be a great alternative if you want to remain a user of Ring products, and you just want a device that solely is dedicated to the siren. This device can be paired with a cam that doesn’t have siren functionalities or the siren is defective and not working properly.

Or you have decided that your money is best spent somewhere else such as products with Netatmo like the Netatmo Smart Outdoor Camera with Siren. This product by Netatmo also works with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri, and this built-in siren is a new feature that was introduced last year.  But the siren is manually controlled not automatic.

Tired of Dealing with the Siren Issue?

The siren is a feature that adds extra security to your alarm security. It is understandable why you would be frustrated if a product you bought isn’t working as intended but by opting out of having a siren volume you are comfortable with, you could be risking your security and safety.

Big Takeaway

Whether the device siren is too loud or too low, unfortunately, you can’t make any adjustments to the volume at this time specifically for the Ring Spotlight and the Ring Floodlight. After troubleshooting it yourself and even reaching out to Ring support, and the issue has still not been resolved, you would need to decide if you are going to purchase supplementary devices or a whole new security cam with better siren functionalities.

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