Why is My Peloton not Turning on?

peloton screen with watchpeloton screen with watch

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Imagine you are up and feeling like exercising your muscles. You walk up to your Peloton after doing some stretch to get you ready. Upon pressing the power button, your Peloton refuses to turn up. Understandably, you begin to wonder why your Peloton is not turning on.

A Peloton may not turn if there is a loose connection. The loose connection usually occurs if the Peloton power cable is not properly plugged into an electric outlet or the power cable is not properly connected to the power brick. 

But what if all connections are intact and the problem persists? Don’t fret! We’ll deal with every possible reason your Peloton is not responding in this post. You will even learn how to fix your Peloton in no time.

Reasons your Peloton Won’t Turn on

If a Peloton is not coming on, one of the following reasons may be responsible. A careful inspection will help you know which of them causes it.

  • There is a loose connection: You may have forgotten to plug your machine or did not plug it properly into an electrical outlet. Again, loose disconnection may occur at the power brick or at the back of the Peloton, where it receives the power cable.
  • The fuse might have blown: The fuse is there to protect electric upsurge, which could damage your Peloton. Once the wire in the fuse cuts, the flow of electric current will be inhibited, consequently preventing the Peloton from turning on.
  • The screen needs replacement: If the screen of your Peloton is damaged, you may not be able to see the machine power-up.

Meanwhile, once you press the power button, your Peloton should not take more than two minutes before it turns on. Else, you should check the connection or the fuse. However, it may take longer than two minutes for first-time users because you will have to set it up. That involves creating an account, logging in, and entering user profiles.

How to Fix Peloton not Turning on?

As we have already highlighted, there are several reasons a Peloton bike will not turn on. But this is how to fix them.

  • For loose connections: You should inspect three areas for disconnection.First is the plug to the wall, next is the power brick, and lastly, the back of the display panel. These are the most probable parts disconnections occur. Fix the connection issue and power up your machine.
  • For a blown fuse: You may perceive a smell resulting from the melting of the fuse wire. If there is none, open the fuse box, unscrew the fuse holder and inspect. A visible gap in the fuse wire means you need to replace the fuse. The replacement must be the same in ampere as the former. Now, turn on your screen.
  • For damaged screen: You have to call customer support. They will help to replace the screen at a fee. But if you have a warranty, you may not have to pay a penny.

When resolving this issue, you should begin by checking the connections. Then, proceed to inspect the fuse. And if both actions can’t solve it, call the customer support center.

How do I Turn on my Peloton Screen?

There is not much to powering on the Peloton screen. As a regular user, you do not have to configure the machine each time you turn it on. Here are the steps to follow.

  • Find the power button. It is a rectangular button behind the display tablet.
  • Press the power button and hold it till you see the screen come on. That should take about three seconds.
  • The screen comes on, so wait for it to boot up.

Here you have it. Once the screen has come on, your bike is ready to use again. A first-time user only has to follow the prompts on the screen to configure the Peloton bike.

How do you Wake up Peloton?

Your Peloton screen would turn off if you do not use the machine for about twenty minutes. You would have to turn it on again. Here is how to do it.

  • Press the power button
  • Wait for the screen to come on

The system would not need to load up again, so it comes back up pretty fast. Your Peloton was only in sleep mode when the screen went off.

How do you Force Restart Peloton?

For unknown reasons, your Peloton’s screen may suddenly become unresponsive while using it. Whenever this occurs, your best option may be to force a restart. Follow these steps to restart your Peloton.

  • Press your power button and keep your hands on the button till your machine goes off.
  • If the Peloton does not go off still, you must disconnect the machine from the power source by pulling out the plug from the wall socket.
  • Wait for about a few minutes before you plug your bike into power again.
  • Now, switch on your Peloton as required.

Force restarting your electric exercise bike solves several problems you would encounter with the screen. Do this as often as required.

Final Thoughts

You should not feel disappointed if your Peloton refuses to turn on occasionally. Several users of this machine also encounter it. What matters the most is that you now know how to resolve it, and we hope you can now do so following our recommendations.

Meanwhile, you can limit the chances of this happening by taking a minute to inspect connections before powering on. Again, ensure you unplug your Peloton when not in use. That would help prevent the fuse from emergency damage.

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