Why Is My Nebula Remote Not Working?

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A Nebula smart projector is just one of the latest innovative products available for people who love to watch movies unconventionally.

If you find your Nebula remote is not working, here are a few troubleshooting ideas: make sure the batteries are good and aim the remote at the black dot on the back of the projector.

Still, having issues? Keep reading to go in-depth on what to do if you find your Nebula remote is no longer working properly.

Why Your Nebula Remote May Not Work

One of the main reasons customers identify as to why their Nebula Projector remote is not working is either the batteries are put in the wrong way, or they are dead.

Ensure your batteries are correctly placed in the remote; try using the remote to turn on the projector again and if it still fails, change the batteries.

You will know the remote is not working if one of the following issues occur:

  • When pressing any button on the remote, the red light does not flash.
  • The red light on the remote flashes; however remote does not allow the projector to function.

If your Nebula remote is not working after changing the batteries, you can try the following troubleshooting options. Turn the projector around, so the back faces you and point the remote at the black dot. This should show that the remote is paired with your Nebula projector.

After completing all the troubleshooting options and your Nebula remote still isn’t working, contacting Nebula’s customer support service is the best thing to do. Make sure you mention that you tried all of the above troubleshooting options so they can assist in finding another solution.

How To Pair Nebula Remote and Projector

When using a Nebula projector with an Android TV System, the Bluetooth remote that comes with it must be paired with the device before enjoying your projector to its fullest potential.

When the projector is turned on, customers will immediately see a “Remote Control Connection” page. This page displays on-screen instructions that make it easy to pair the Nebula remote and projector.

Here are the simple steps to Bluetooth pair the Nebula remote with your projector:

  • Place the remote near your Nebula projector.
  • Press down on both the OK and Volume keys simultaneously for about ten seconds, then let go.
  • If done correctly, your Nebula remote should now be paired with the projector.

As always, if these steps do not work, contact Nebula’s customer support service number, and a technician can assist you further.

Can I Use a Universal Remote for My Nebula Projector?

In short, yes. Customers can use a universal remote for an LCD and DLP projector.

However, it cannot be just any universal remote. Make sure the universal remote you choose is compatible with LCD and DLP projectors.

How To Watch Netflix on A Nebula Projector

Picture this; a warm summer night snuggled up in the backyard under the stars watching your favorite Netflix shows; sounds fantastic right?

Well, if you are one of the many owners of a Nebula projector, daydreaming is only minutes away from becoming a reality. Even better, this daydream doesn’t have to be limited to the backyard. The Nebula projector can be projected onto any light-colored, flat, and relatively large surface

Before setting up Netflix on your Nebula, make sure to download the mobile version of Netflix using the Nebula Manager in their app store.

Here are just a few key things to know about using Nebula’s mobile app:

  1. Netflix can only be controlled using mouse mode in the Nebula Manager app’s current version, which is a mobile version.
  2. To control the Nebula Connect app, please download the “Nebula Connect” app to your Android or Apple smartphone and choose the mouse mode.
  3. Using the Nebula Connect in mouse mode, use two fingers to scroll up and down on the control area.

One of the first steps to using Netflix on the Nebula projector is to navigate to the settings menu, click device preferences, and then finally, system update. This ensures that Nebula’s firmware is updated to the latest version for the projector.

Next steps:

  • In Google Play Store- install the Nebula Manager
  • Launch Nebula Manager and search Netflix
  • When you find Netflix, click the icon to install

Netflix isn’t the only app customers can enjoy on their Nebula projector; other apps include but are not limited to HBO, Hulu, Disney Plus, and Prime, to name a few.

Where To Project a Nebula Projector

To make the most of your Nebula Projector viewing experience, location is key. You can’t just pick a wall and project.

Listed are just a few different ideas on surfaces your Nebula can be projected:

  • Projector screen
  • A clear wall
  • A flat ceiling
  • Cascade and secure a flat sheet across any surface
  • Blackout curtains or cloth
  • A solid-colored backdrop

Basically, any clear, flat surface can easily allow you to enjoy your favorite TV shows and movies anywhere on your Nebula projector.


While most troubleshooting remote issues can be quite simple, the basic battery switch and reset don’t cut it. When that happens, Nebula’s customer support is always there to help!

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