Why Is My Nebula Capsule Projector Flashing Red?

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You have been using your Nebula Capsule Projector and it has been working smoothly, but now it is flashing red. We all know that means something is wrong with your device, but what is it? Why would it be flashing red?

The flashing red light means that there is something wrong with your battery. It could be something as simple as your battery being low or something more severe like difficulties charging.

There are many things you can do to determine if your battery has gone bad or if you just need to change your charger. Continue reading to discover what you need to do and what each light indication means.

Why Is My Nebula Capsule Projector Flashing Red?

The flashing red light indicator on your Nebula Capsule Projector is just letting you know that your battery is low and you need to put it on the charger. If it continues to flash red when connected to a charger then your projector’s battery may not be charging.

When your projector isn’t charging, it could be the battery or it could be the cable that is attached to the outlet. Always check the cable first before thinking the battery is the cause. You can find replacements online or from the manufacturer. These are inexpensive compared to replacing the battery or the projector.

Signs Your Battery Is Bad

Batteries often will go bad, but you don’t want to replace them if you can replace a cable instead. Batteries can be quite expensive and sometimes it is best to just replace the whole device when this occurs. Here are some signs to look out for to see if your battery has gone bad:

  • The projector doesn’t produce as bright of a picture.
  • The projector dies quickly or doesn’t hold a charge.
  • It takes less time to charge the battery.
  • The flashing red light doesn’t go away even on the charger.
  • You don’t ever see a solid green light.

When the battery doesn’t hold a charge, it may be time to talk to a specialist to see if it can be repaired. Double-check to see if your projector is still under warranty. The battery could be replaced at no extra cost to you.

What To Do If It Is Flashing Red?

If your Nebula Capsule Projector has a red flashing light, you simply need to put it on the charger. The flashing light should go away while it charges and you can then watch shows and movies on it.

You may want to contact the seller or the manufacturer if you continue to have issues with the product. The flashing red light shouldn’t continue if it is charging.

What Does A Solid Red Light Mean?

You should only see a solid red light when your Nebula Capsule Projector is charging. As soon as you plug it in, the flashing light will become solid. If the red light continues to flash, it means that the battery is not charging.

When you don’t get a solid red light, try using a different outlet or charging cable. It could be that either of those is not working properly and just swapping them out can be the solution.

What Does A Solid Green Light Mean?

The solid green light is a good sign. Green is a go and in this case, it means that your Nebula Capsule Projector is completely charged and ready to do its job. You can now watch all the shows and movies you would like.

If you do not ever see this Green Light, you may want to check your cable to ensure that it is charging appropriately. If the cable is bad, it will not completely charge your battery. Look for signs that your battery may be bad if this green light never shows.

What To Do If Nothing Works?

If you have replaced everything and it seems like your Nebula is still not working or isn’t holding a charge, you need to contact the company. You can check to see if you have a warranty for the device and if you can get it repaired without any payments from you.

The company may even have a recall for the product. It is always good to check with the company. They also may have an easy fix for the product that can save you both time and money. You can find their contact information on their website.


Don’t immediately go into a panic when you see the flashing red light. It is an indicator that your projector needs to be charged. Just hook it up and it should stop. If the light continues, that’s when you need to contact a professional. You don’t want to spend more money and time if you don’t have to.

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