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Why Is My MacBook Battery Draining So Fast?

Last Updated Dec 3, 2021
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For many MacBook users, one dreads to see the ‘low battery’ notification on their screen. If you are next to a power outlet then this notification won’t cause any impact at all. But if you aren’t close to any source of power then this will cause major issues. So what can one do when your battery drains so fast? 

It is common knowledge that, just like any other technology, something in your device might suffer issues over time. In this case, it’s your MacBook battery, which in many instances can get exposed to many issues in your computer. 

So what are these issues affecting your battery and what are the causes? It could be because of several things and if this has been happening for a while, it is time to get to the bottom of it and fix it. Keep on reading this article and you might actually find what might be causing your battery to act out. 

Why Is My MacBook Battery Dying So Fast?

Is your MacBook battery messing you up? Are you getting stressed by the way it’s draining its life so fast? And what can you do to fix this problem?

You could not be knowing this, but there are so many reasons that cause your battery to die fast, including your habits which can either make or break your battery efficiency. But don’t worry there is no reason to panic. 

The most common problem is that your battery might be an old one, so the right solution is to discharge it and get it replaced. Besides that, below are some of the other reasons that may have caused your battery problems: 

  1. There could be multiple programs running in the background 
  2. Your laptop screen could be on high brightness or other advanced options. 
  3. The MacBook could be in the wrong settings. 
  4. Not updating your old macOS to a newer version. 
  5. There could be too many online and network connections.
  6. A corrupt firmware that was installed could be a cause. 

Let’s get into each of these below

How Can I Fix My Battery Drain Problem?

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Carrying a laptop charger everywhere you go can be tiresome and when you do, one is constantly looking for a socket. So what can you do to fix your battery-draining problem? 

Here are some simple tips to boost your MacBook’s battery life:

  1. Regularly check your Battery’s health– you can do this by clicking the CleanMyMac app that you’ll find on your Mac menu taskbar. By doing this, you’ll be able to see the overview of your Mac’s battery life. 
  2. Monitor your screen’s brightness– The system’s display is one of the major components that feed off your battery. The best cause of action is to reduce the brightness so as not to burn a lot of your battery’s life. 
  3. Investigate what could be draining your battery– It is always useful to know what could be using that amount of energy on your laptop. This could be accomplished by going to your setting and checking on the utilities. This way you can see all your applications and monitor their activities. 
  4. Unplug some of your peripheral devices– Apart from your internet connections you can also monitor all the devices that might be connected to your computer. In this case, if you have many devices connected to your device then it’s a probability that it’s causing your battery to drain fast. 
  5. Upgrade to the latest macOS– It’s advisable to keep your MacBook with the latest version. This way, if there is an issue that is about to affect your battery, then the problem itself would have been fixed. 
  6. Energy Saver– This is an inbuilt feature available for the MacBook. So if and when you turn on this feature be assured that your battery backup will be improved. 
  7. Turn off the keyboard light– If you want to save your battery especially when you are not close to a socket be sure to turn off the light on your keyboard. This will reduce the amount of energy that will be used by your battery to a great extent. 

All these tips recommended above will be sure to put you at ease whenever you are too lazy to carry a charger, or that there may be a power outage, or that there could be no power socket anywhere close to you. As a reminder, if your battery continues to act up, be sure to replace it. 


We can all agree that having battery issues can suck big time, especially when having tons of work with a set deadline. While this article points out the many reasons why your battery is losing power, including that the battery itself is prone to get in touch with issues that may harm it, there is a chance that your particular problem hasn’t been highlighted.

In this case, when all these tips don’t work on your MacBook, it is advisable to seek support on Apple support lines or to keep on researching the problem on active Apple forums.

If you’d like to learn more about your MacBook, take a look at this article.