Why Is My Fire TV Cube Turning Off My TV Randomly?

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Your Fire TV Cube is an all-in-one device. It lets you watch TV, stream your favorite music, and turn your lights on and off. However, if it randomly turns off your TV, it’s virtually useless.

If your Fire TV Cube turns your TV off, chances are, it needs a software update. You might also need to turn off your TV’s Consumer Electronics Control (CEC), as this could also be the culprit.

It’s worth noting that first-generation Fire TV Cubes have this problem more than recent releases. Continue reading to learn more about troubleshooting your Fire TV Cube and maintaining an optimal user experience.

Consider How Long You’ve Owned Your TV

Before going a step further, ask yourself: “Could the problem be with my TV?” A TV reaching the end of its life might turn on and off because it cannot keep a steady charge. You may also notice distorted sound, less-than-ideal pictures, and lags.

Try connecting your TV to a video game console or DVD player. Change the input to cable if you have it. After a few minutes, consider whether the problem is with your TV—and not the Fire TV Cube.

Check for Updates 

Every once in a while, Amazon releases updates to improve its products. Some updates include patching bugs, speeding loading times, and addressing lags. If your TV is turning off randomly, it might need an update.

You can check for and download updates by:

  1. Turning your TV and Fire TV Cube on.
  2. Navigating to and clicking on “Settings.”
  3. Scrolling right and choosing “Device.”
  4. Selecting “About.”
  5. Scrolling down and choosing “System Update.”

If there’s an update available, your Fire TV Cube will automatically download the new software. If not, you should turn off your TV’s Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) (more on this later).

What if My Fire TV Cube Doesn’t Download the Update?

Your Fire TV Cube comes with about 16 gigabytes of storage. That’s not bad, considering that most streaming apps require far less. However, if you have a lot of apps on your Fire TV Cube, you might not have enough storage to download the update.

To remove apps (and make more storage for an update):

  1. Turn on your Fire TV Cube.
  2. Navigate to “Settings.”
  3. Choose “Applications.”
  4. Select “Manage Installed Applications.”
  5. Select the app you want to uninstall, then press “Uninstall.”

From here, follow the onscreen instructions. You may need to uninstall a few apps to make room for the update. The more the update improves, the more space it’ll require.

Turn Off Your TV’s CEC Function

Your Fire TV Cube can turn your TV on and off either with the remote or using voice commands (depending on what version you purchased). It does this by working with your TV’s CEC function. However, sometimes, CEC functions don’t work as expected. For whatever reason, it might “tell” your Fire TV Cube to turn off––even when you’re watching something.

Turning off your TV’s CEC function largely depends on what TV you have. For most TVs, you can turn this function off by configuring your TV’s settings.

Get a New HDMI Cable

Believe it or not, HDMI cables can last a lifetime. However, its connectors and prongs don’t. Over time, these components can degrade or even snap out of place, impairing your TV’s audio and picture.  

If your Fire TV Cube is turning your TV off randomly, consider purchasing a new HDMI cable. You can get one online for less than eight dollars. You might even have one lying around the house.

If this doesn’t work, the issue may be with your TV’s or device’s HDMI port.

File a Warranty Claim

Amazon covers its Fire TV Cubes under a one-year limited warranty. If a factory defect prevents your device from working, Amazon may replace or repair your device at no cost. Keep in mind that warranties only cover factory-specific problems.

It does not cover wear and tear, alterations, and damage. You can learn more about filing a warranty claim.   

Consider Purchasing a New Fire TV Cube

Even good things don’t last forever. A 2019 Reddit thread notes that most Fire TV products last about two years. If you’re using a first-generation Fire TV Cube (meaning you bought it in 2018), it’s only a matter of time before it slows down or stops working altogether.

The latest generation Fire TV Cube comes with:

  • Hands-free programming
  • Access to Alexa’s “skills”
  • The ability to watch Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu, and other streaming apps
  • Built-in speakers
  • 4K Ultra Content

Users have also noted that it doesn’t turn the TV off randomly as its previous version did.

A Final Word

There are many reasons why your Fire TV Cube might turn your TV off randomly. Solutions involve checking for updates, getting a new HDMI cable, and turning your TV’s CEC off. You might also consider whether it’s time to purchase a new TV or streaming device.

For more information, check out Amazon’s community message board. Here, you can read about how other people have addressed their fire TV Cube’s problems.

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