Why is My Fire TV Cube Running Slow?


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Since 2014 Amazon has been creating a line of smart devices for televisions, including the Fire Stick and Fire TV. The Amazon Fire Cube is an Amazon smart device like the Amazon Firestick series because it allows you to stream television from apps such as Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and of course, Amazon Prime. The Amazon Fire Cube contains a built-in Alexa speaker since the device is hands-free, relying on voice control to change TV channels and control the compatible soundbar.

Typically, if a Fire TV Cube is running slower than usual, it could be because the device itself is frozen, a poor internet connection, or 4k Dolby Vision taking up a ton of power. This article will be a deeper dive into common problems and how to resolve any issues.

The Amazon Fire TV Cube is a powerful device compatible with the Fire TV and all the apps and services supported by it. If you have other Alexa devices and the Fire Cube, your house is basically a smart home. When your Fire TV Cube starts running slow, it can cause a strain on the enjoyment it is intended to bring. Continue reading for troubleshooting suggestions for when your Fire TV Cube is running slow.

Amazon Fire TV Cube Running Slow

Imagine you just sat down after a long day of work, a cup of hot tea in hand, ready to turn on your TV to relax. It becomes a lot less relaxing when it takes the Fire TV cube a good 10 minutes to load a streaming platform. That could have been the only 10 minutes you had to take a mental breather before continuing with everyday responsibilities. So, what are some reasons that could be slowing down the Fire TV Cube, and how can you get it back up to optimal speed.

Reason for a Slow Fire TV Cube

There are a few potential causes that could be slowing your device. The first thing you must do is figure out what generation device you own. A common reason for many first-generation devices differs from the common reason for second-generation device users.

First Generation Fire TV Cube

The first-generation Fire TV Cube was released in June of 2018 and is known to have a lag problem and freeze from time to time. To remedy this issue, you would need to reset the device. To reset a Fire TV Cube, you must:

1. Press and hold the Volume Down and Mute buttons simultaneously.

2. Hold the buttons for about 40 seconds or until the light flashes blue.

Second Generation Fire TV Cube

If you own a second-generation Fire TV Cube, it tends to have a different issue. The second-generation Fire TV Cube was released in 2019 with 4k Dolby Vision. Having Dolby Vision can make TV imagery much more intense, so it was necessary for the generational upgrade; however, the amount of power it takes can cause the TV Cube to run a bit slow. To remedy Dolby Vision lag, all you need to do is adjust the settings by:

1. Go into your Fire TV Cube Settings.

2. Change the streaming from 1080p 60Hz to 4k 60Hz.

Even with the settings change, the imagery will still be beautiful with much less power consumption.

Internet Connection

No matter the generation Fire TV Cube you have, checking the internet connection is essential when troubleshooting. An Amazon Fire Cube can be connected through a Wi-Fi network, Bluetooth, or ethernet connection. To ensure your internet is connected correctly and to remedy potential connection issues, follow these steps:

1. Restart all the necessary modems and routers. Connect to Ethernet or an Ethernet adapter. 

2. Restart your Amazon Fire TV Cube.

3. Clear all data from the Amazon Fire TV Cube apps.

Alexa Stops Responding

Sometimes Alexa can be finicky, like any other software. A reason why Alexa may not respond to you is if the device cannot hear you. The first thing to do is move the Amazon Fire TV Cube out of any enclosed areas like a closet or tight room corner. Check to ensure the battery is charged, and if so, press the action button and speak into the device. If your Amazon Fire Cube TV reacts to your voice but does not respond, Amazon recommends you try these steps: 

  1. Speak into the Amazon Fire Cube TV and say, “I can’t hear you.” The device will then route the response to the Fire TV Cube instead of a TV or soundbar that is not on.  
  2. Use the + button to increase the volume on the Amazon Fire Cube TV.
  3. Go to the Alexa app and view Alexa’s history. 


When you have a home full of smart devices, troubleshooting from time to time will be necessary to live in harmony. Whenever faced with a slow Fire TV Cube or any device similar, a good rule of thumb is always to try a device reset first. Resetting smart devices can help immensely to get them back on track and working correctly.

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