Why is My Eufy Camera Time Wrong?

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Have you experienced a situation where there is a time difference between your EufyCam and the HomeBase? Or maybe your standard clock in your house and on your phone shows the same results. In most cases, you may find out that the time on your Eufy camera is wrong due to one reason or another. So, why is my Eufy camera time wrong?

Your Eufy camera time may be slower or faster than the time on the HomeBase, which could be due to frequent changes in timezones. To ensure that this is corrected, follow these steps:

  1. Change the timezone on the HomeBase to an entirely different one
  2. Then try connecting with the cameras
  3. Then change the time zone back to the correct one and save the settings

This procedure can be carried out on the Eufy app easily. In this article, we will elaborate more on how this can be done effectively so that your camera time and the time in the HomeBase will be in sync.

How to Adjust the Time Zone in Your Eufy App

Setting the time correctly on your app is relatively easy, and no matter the model of Eufy you use, you can complete the process within seconds.

HomeBase Connected Eufy Cameras

If you have a HomeBase connected EufyCam, here’s how to adjust the time zone:

  1. Go to the side menu on your Eufy app and click on My Devices.
  2. Go to HomeBase Name and click on HomeBase Settings.
  3. Choose Time Setting.
  4. Click on the timezone and choose the correct timezone.

Read below if you don’t have a HomeBase connected to your Eufy device.

Non-HomeBase Eufy Devices

If your device does not have HomeBase like the Eufy doorbell or floodlight, you can adjust the time by simply:

  1. Enter the side menu option on your app and click on My Devices.
  2. Go to Device Name.
  3. Go to Device Settings.
  4. Click on Time Settings and choose the timezone.
  5. Select the correct timezone, and the process is complete.

After doing this, your EufyCam should be in sync with the HomeBase and or app, and you can monitor activities in real-time. 

However, if you have set it through the above methods and it’s still not correct, try to change the timezone to an entirely different one, connect it, then set it back to the correct zone and connect again. This time it should work. If it still doesn’t, ensure you contact Eufy customer support for further assistance with it.

What Eufy Devices Can You Adjust the Recording Time On?

You can also adjust the recording time on your EufyCam if you want it to record for longer. You can do this for less than one-minute recordings, and it can only be done on the EufySecurity app.

Here are Eufy devices you can change the recording time on:

  • EufyCam
    • eufyCam Original/eufyCam E
    • eufyCam 2/2C/2 Pro/2C Pro
  • Eufy SoloCam
    • SoloCam E20/E40/L20/L40/S40
  • Eufy Video Doorbell (Battery-powered)
    • Video Doorbell 2K (Battery-Powered)
    • Video Doorbell 1080p (Battery-Powered)
    • Video Doorbell Slim
    • Video Doorbell 2C (Battery-Powered)
  • Eufy Floodlight Cameras
    • Floodlight Cam 2 Pro
    • Floodlight Cam 1080p
    • Floodlight Cam 2K
    • Floodlight Cam E 2K

If you’d like to learn more about one of these devices, click here. Now, let’s learn how to adjust the recording time on these devices.

How to Adjust the Recording Time on Eufy Devices

Below you’ll find easy steps you can take to adjust recording time on your Eufy camera and other Eufy devices you may have at home:

  1. Open the EufySecurity app on your phone
  2. Go to Camera Settings
  3. Go to Power Manager
  4. Click on Customize Recording
  5. Click Adjust Clip Length

You can increase or reduce the clip length of your recordings by toggling the bar at the Clip Length section of your app. You, however, must be aware that adjusting your recording length to record for longer may reduce the battery life of your Eufy camera.


Getting the wrong time zones on your EufyCam can be annoying. Imagine having your camera, which should ensure the safety of your home is 2 hours behind real-time. You will notice this problem when your HomeBase shows a different timezone from your EufyCam. 

This article exposes you to DIY tricks on fixing the problem and getting your camera running effectively with the correct timezone. If you have other Eufy products, you must have already learned from the article how you can adjust the record timing of your device using the app on your mobile phone.

If you encounter any difficulties trying out these steps or if you complete them and the issues persist, do not hesitate to contact Eufy customer support for further assistance.

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