Why Is My Eufy Camera Picture Blurry?

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Owning a smart home means you have to always take care of your Smart devices, and carry out scheduled maintenance for devices that are most likely to break down. For cameras, they need to be checked regularly. Issues like blurry pictures may come up, and you may not know why. 

Tiny dust particles, water stains, and spider webs can create problems for both your Eufy indoor and outdoor cameras. Webs might create an interference with your smart camera lens causing it to be defective and blurry. Dust, water droplets, and positioning the lens to the sun also tend to cause a blurry image.

These can cause problems with your camera features such as the night vision, the high-resolution recording, and the image detection feature. In this article, we are going to look at other reasons why your Eufy cam picture may be blurry, foggy, and how to fix that. 

Other Reasons Why Your Eufy Camera Picture Is Blurry

There are also other reasons why your Eufy Camera picture might be blurry, and knowing this can help you troubleshoot, and restore your security camera quickly. Apart from the presence of dust, or water which may cause a foggy lens, these other reasons may not even be a result of the camera hardware. 

Below are some other reasons why your camera picture is blurry:

  • A slow Internet/Wi-Fi sometimes, it may not be as a result of the camera itself. Slow internet may automatically reduce the streaming or recording capacity of your Eufy Camera.
  • Your Eufy camera lens may be facing the sun – The bright light of the sun causes the lens of your security camera to adjust unnecessarily causing a blurred picture.
  • Wrong camera settings – Someone else might have tempered with the image quality. 
  • A low battery or using a non-compatible power cord – The battery of your wireless eufy cam may not be charged or you may not be using a compatible power cord for your wired Eufy Camera
  • Your Eufy Camera picture might get blurry if your device needs a software update because of bugs or bad firmware.

All these can cause problems that can lead to blurry, or unclear images in your security camera. We would next look into what you can do to get back clear footage. If you would like to learn more about Eufy cameras, take a look at this article.

How Can I Make My Security Camera Pictures Clear Again?

Well, you now know why your Eufy Camera might be displaying a blurry photo. We are going to look over the solutions you might take to get your smart camera back on track. 

To make your Eufy Security camera pictures clear again, follow these 10 simple steps:

  1. Ensure your Home Wi-Fi is fast enough. A faster internet would deliver a clearer 2k video if you are using a 2k camera, or a full HD video if you are using 1080p.
  2. Try using tissue paper, a soft brush, or a microfiber cloth to clean the lens of your smart camera. You can add a little water or moisture.
  3. If your camera lens is condensed and foggy, use a hairdryer to blow on it.
  4. Ensure you change the position of the camera lens from pointing directly to the sun. The light coming from the sun can result in a blurry image.
  5. Ensure that your camera is high resolution. You can’t get a camera of 720p/1080p and expect to get a 2k video quality. 
  6. Make sure you switch on the night vision support on your Eufy Cam.
  7. Make sure you are using the correct power cord, and also charge the batteries of your wireless smart camera.
  8. Go to the settings of the Eufy Security app, and download the latest settings if your software is not up to date.
  9. Power cycle your Eufy Camera if possible. 
  10. Try a Factory Reset. To do that, click here.

If you have tried all these, and it doesn’t work out, you can contact Eufy Tech support. If you have a warranty, the company would replace the smart camera for you.


Having a blurry image from your Eufy security camera is very frustrating, and you may not even know why this may be happening. It might be as a result of reasons and factors which you have to get to the root of if you want your camera to function with optimal results. 

By addressing these issues, you can get an extremely clear image out of your security camera making sure you don’t miss even one detail. Like we said above, If you can’t get to find out what the problem is actually, and you have tried everything to fix your camera, you can then decide to return it to the Anker company to be fixed or replaced.

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