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Why Is My Eufy Camera Offline?

Last Updated Jun 30, 2022
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Security cameras are an important part of home safety and Eufy has created a large selection of home devices to keep your home safe. Eufy security cameras are useful in watching over your home, and it may be concerning if your cameras go offline. If your Eufy cameras are offline it is best to find out the reason why to be able to solve the problem. 

Common reasons security cameras go offline are because of internet connection issues, low power, and a fault in the device. Eufy cameras can also lose connection if they are moved too far away from their Home Base. 

Knowing what to look out for can help you figure out why your camera is going offline. If there is a problem with the device you may need help from support, but most issues can be solved easily with a few simple steps. Cameras going offline can be a simple issue to fix with security cameras, and figuring out the problem will ensure it is not a more serious issue with the device. 

Why Is My Eufy Camera Offline? 

Security cameras usually go offline if there is a problem with power, an issue connecting with the wifi, or if it is a faulty device. The cameras can also be placed too far away from their Home Base, which would cause cameras to become disconnected.  

Internet issues are the most common reason a security camera will go offline. Be sure your WiFi and router are working properly. 

How To Tell If Eufy Camera Is Offline

If you rely on your security cameras then it may worry you if you see one of your cameras is offline. 

When your camera is offline you will see a warning sign on the live feed, showing that the camera is currently offline. You may also stop receiving notifications and updates for your cameras if they are offline. You can see the status of each camera you have set up in the Eufy app. 

Offline cameras are nothing to worry about, as for the most part, it is a simple fix. If you know what is wrong with your device then it is easy to try and solve the problem. If your camera is not going online after doing the steps to fix the issue, then it may be best to get help from an expert. 

How To Turn Your Eufy Camera Back Online

Making sure you have a stable internet connection to the camera may get it working if they are offline because of an internet issue. 

If the cameras are too far away from its HomeBase or they have a weak internet connection, then it may cause them to go offline. If you changed routers or moved the device far it may appear offline. A common issue is the cameras and Home Base are on two different WiFi channels. Putting them on the same one could establish their connection. 

By disconnecting then reconnecting the cameras that are offline in the Eufy app, it may make it appear online again. You can also try restarting the Home Base, and cameras, turning them on and off again. Be sure to move the cameras closer to your home to make sure they are in range. 

If the battery of the cameras is dead then charging it can get the camera back online. 

How Long Do Eufy Security Camera Batteries Last? 

The batteries in Eufy security cameras last for around a year until it needs to be charged. The camera’s battery lasts up to a year in normal circumstances but is said to last up to 3 years in standby mode. Faulty batteries can occur and are when you should contact support. 

If the batteries are dead then the camera will not be able to appear online. Faulty batteries are a reason your camera may not be going online and happens to some security camera owners who use the Eufy brand. If your battery is dying often, not charging, or is not holding any charge then you may need to call support to get a replacement. 

When To Contact Support 

If your Eufy security camera is not online then you may need the help of Eufy support to solve the issue. Cameras and other equipment may have a hardware issue that stops them from working properly. Support can help you get a replacement, or give you the steps to get your camera back online.

Contact support if:

  • You cannot get your camera back online
  • The batteries are not working properly 
  • You are not certain why your device has stopped working
  • Multiple methods to troubleshoot the issue have been tried, but none solve the issue

Contacting support is useful if you cannot solve the issue yourself, and they may be able to offer a replacement product. Issues with the Eufy Security camera going offline are not uncommon, as there are many reasons why they might stop working. 


If you would like to learn more about Eufy, check out this article.

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