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Why Is My Eufy Camera Not Recording?

Last Updated Jun 10, 2022
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Smart Cameras from Eufy are easy to set up because it is wireless and all you just need to do is to connect and configure it with the internet using the Eufy mobile app. What most people love about this brand of smart camera is the overall battery life which is said to last for about a year. So when getting this smart camera, you don’t need to worry about replacing the battery.

Like all smart devices, this camera might suddenly just stop recording, and as a user, you might be confused about the reasons why this may be happening. In this article, we are going to look into some of these reasons, if the Eufy camera is always recording, and how to set it better to stop missing important events. 

Why Did My Eufy Camera Stop Recording?

Many users have been complaining that their Eufy Camera is not recording, or offline when they view the camera using their mobile apps. This makes it a hassle when users would want to live stream or control their smart camera using the mobile app. This can happen due to certain reasons we would discuss quickly. So why does your Eufy Camera stop recording?

Your Eufy Camera might stop recording as a result of a bad internet connection, a change in Wi-Fi Password, the Camera device not being powered on, as well as the settings of your camera on your EufySecurity App. 

How to Troubleshoot My Eufy Camera

To troubleshoot this, you would need to take some necessary steps to ensure your Eufy Camera starts recording, or it comes back online. These steps include:

  1. Ensure your Camera is powered on and online.
  2. Ensure you enable the camera in the camera settings on your App. Do this by sliding the menu, then bringing out devices, selecting your camera, and going to settings.
  3. Ensure you switch on motion detection on your Eufy Camera. Do this by bringing out the menu, selecting devices, and selecting your camera. Go to settings then Motion detection, and turn on your Detection mode.
  4. Ensure you have enabled the camera record under the home Security mode. To do this, Go to the main page, at the lower right corner, select the security mode settings, and toggle “Enable Record Video”.
  5. Try turning up the sensitivity level of your motion detection. To do this, Go to “Menu”, select “my devices”, select “the Camera”, and go to “settings”. On “motion detection”, turn up the sensitivity level. 

Doing this, you are sure to have a sharp working Eufy camera that would start detecting and recording motion over your home internet. If you would like to learn more about Eufy, check out this article.

Are Eufy Cameras Always Recording?

Eufy is one of the most popular American-made brands of cameras most people may consider purchasing for their smart home security. If you are looking for a solid customizable brand of camera, this brand is a fantastic choice to choose from. You may also be wondering if this brand features a continuous recording mode.

Until sometime last year, The only Eufy Camera that was always recording was the Indoor Cam 2k. However, Eufy has decided to introduce this feature in more models such as the Eufy video doorbell 2k pro and Eufy indoor Cam 2k Pan and Tilt. The other model of the Eufy camera does not support continuous recording.

This is as a result of reasons such as its installation mechanism, and also the need for added storage at the base station. Also scanning through a day’s video can be hectic and tedious. 

How Do You Solve This When Using a Eufy Camera Without Continuous Recording?

If you want to find a solution to this problem without upgrading to the Eufy doorbell, Eufy indoor Cam 2k, or the Eufy Indoor Cam 2k Pan and Tilt, there may just be a way you can work it out. When most users require a smart camera with continuous recording, they want to be able to view the security camera just as it is. 

To do this with a non-continuous Eufy Camera, what you have to do is to transfer it as a security camera to Apple’s Home kit. You will be able to view the real-time footage without waiting for triggers, motions, and sensors. 

The integration to Apple HomeKit and the use of your Eufy cam as a security camera would easily drain the battery, but using your phone, you can switch off the camera anytime on your phone, or deactivate the continuous viewing. To add your Eufy cam to HomeKit, click here, and follow the steps required.


Your Eufy Camera may be offline, or not recording because of certain reasons that are discussed above. If you have undergone troubleshooting, and you find out the reason is corresponding with the problems stated above, ensure you take precautionary steps to get your camera back online, detecting motions, and activity spots as well as continuous recording to protect your smart home.