Why Is My Element TV Light Flashing?

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When your TV starts doing weird things, you begin to worry. It is easy to think of the worst, especially when you get a television that was cheaper like the Element TV. You may find your TV flashing or blinking, so what does it mean? Is your smart TV done for?

A flashing or blinking light on your Element TV can mean quite a few things. It could be as something as simple as the TV is turning on to a lost network connection. It all depends on the color of the light and what type of pattern it is displaying.

Try not to assume the worst. Some of these blinking lights may just be a warning of something you can easily fix. Here is what each flashing light means and what you can do to fix it.

Why Is The Light Flashing Or Blinking On My Element TV?

So why is the light flashing on your Element smart TV? Most of the time it is often because your remote is trying to communicate to your television or your television is trying to communicate to your remote. If your remote is dead, then it may not be able to complete this process.

Here are some of the other reasons why your TV’s light may be flashing or blinking:

Flashing Light StatusPossible Reason For Blinking Light Indicator
Slow pulse blink when you turn on your TVIndicates that the television is loading.
Slow pulse blink when TV is onIndicates that your television may be downloading an update. If your TV is working properly and the light is blinking, this may be the cause.
Dims on/off onceCommunicated to the remote.
Two short blinks with a short pause and then it repeatsThe network that the TV is connected to has been lost or there is no internet connection.
Slow blink as the TV is powering downThe TV is turning off.
Blinking or flashing light without the display coming onThe television is trying to communicate to the display to turn on but there seems to be a disconnect.
Red light and then blue blinking lightThe television is going into protection mode as it found a fault in its system.

Many of these reasons for the blinking light does not need to rais any concerns. If your television is working properly, then you don’t need to do anything. Your television is working properly and you just need to continue maintaining it.

How To Fix Your TV After Diagnosis

Depending on what your television is doing, you can usually fix it within your home. You may not even need to do much than just turn it on and off. A simple fix to a problem. But sometimes that doesn’t always work. Here are the fixes to each problem.

Communicating To The Remote

Your television may be trying to communicate to your remote. If it can’t communicate to your remote, it may continue to blink but you can still watch your shows and movies. This one is a simple fix. 

You will need to either replace your remote or put new batteries into your remote. Your TV then will be able to communicate to your remote and eventually the blinking will go away. You can also use the Roku application on your phone to communicate to your TV.

Disconnected Network

Your television will let you know if it is not connected to the internet. A message should pop up on your screen or at the top right hand corner of your screen, the display will say that it is disconnected from the network.

First, you can go to your settings and try reconnecting the network. You can test the network connection and it will tell you if you are disconnected from the network or if the network is disconnected to the internet. 

Once you figure out which it is, you may need to reset your router and Wi-Fi connection. Go to your router and turn it off and on. You can even try resetting your router if there still seems to be issues. 

When your internet is not working, you will need to contact your internet provider to get it fixed. This has nothing to do with your television. 

Blinking Without Display Turning On

If your light is blinking like the television is trying to turn on, this could be the result of a disconnect between your motherboard and the display. You will need to contact the manufacturers of Element to see how you can fix this.

If you are unable to get in contact with them, you can also hire a TV technician to help you. It could be that the display is out and needs to be replaced. Or it could be the motherboard. But first try to reset the TV and unplug it before you call a professional.

Red And Blue Blinking Light

You have already tried to unplug the TV and reset it, but the red and blue light still pulsates. This happens when something becomes faulty and the television shuts down to protect it from further damage.

You will have to refer to a professional or technician to fix the TV. They can reset your TV and fix whatever caused it to shut down in the first place. 


Often, blinking is just the TV telling you that it is thinking or updating. If your Element TV is still working, then there is nothing to worry about. Only when the display stops working do you need to try these steps or call a technician. 

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