Why is My Eero so Slow?

speedtest being performed on a smartphonespeedtest being performed on a smartphone

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In a world increasingly concerned with connectivity, the Amazon Eero mesh system is one of many new options that homeowners have to get the most out of their Wi-Fi at home. As a consumer-friendly product, the Eero makes use of machine learning software called TrueMesh that connects your devices to the best channel available at a given time. However, this convenience is not without some setbacks, like occasionally experiencing slow speeds.

An Eero’s slow speeds may be due to where your Eero is placed in your home; to diagnose this, run speed tests from Speedtest.net at each Eero location to see how the speeds compare. Alternatively, try restarting your modem to refresh the connection between the modem and the Eero.

Eero is a continually improving mesh system that may be well worth your investment. Like with many smart devices, it’s bound to run into some issues here and there, but the hope is that the constant updates keep it operating at peak functionality.

Troubleshooting for Slow Speeds

So, you had been enjoying the performance on your Eero, but one day, you discovered that the speeds weren’t what they used to be. What could be the problem? Here are a few tips to address the most common issues that affect the Eero’s performance:

  1. To start, try checking your devices and seeing how the connection is on each one. If you only notice poor connection speed on one device, you can try turning off the device’s Wi-Fi and then turning it on again. If this still doesn’t improve the connection, try rebooting the device.
  2. If you find that there is a connection problem across multiple devices, you could try running a speed test (from the aptly named Speedtest.net) at various points across your home. If these speeds are close to the speed you pay for, and it’s the same performance at various points in your house, it’s not an issue of physical placement of Eero devices.
  3. If you see lower speeds at specific points, you might try power cycling your Eero. To do this, simply unplug the power cable from the Eero, wait 30 seconds, then plug it back in. This may help to resolve some connectivity issues between the Eero and the modem.
  4. You can always try restarting your modem. Unplug the power from your modem, wait 30 seconds, and then plug it back in. (It is normal for it to take a few minutes to get back online.)
  5. After trying everything from steps 1 to 4, there’s only one solution left: call your internet service provider (ISP). It could be that there is a more significant issue affecting your home or even your entire neighborhood.

(Source: Eero Support)

Why the Eero is Still Worth it

With older routers, you have limited options in terms of improving performance, and not many of these options are convenient. The most common way to address poor connection speed with a traditional router is to try to change the channel that it’s on; the way to do this varies per router, so you’ll need to do a quick Google search on “how to change channels on (your router).”

The Eero does all the heavy lifting for you. Whereas you’d have to figure out how to change the channel manually on a traditional router, the TrueMesh software that comes with the Eero mesh system uses machine learning to produce algorithms that get you to the best channel available. This makes it so that each device that is on the Eero mesh network has access to the fastest connection based on the traffic at that time.

Not only does the Eero have smart software, but it also gets smarter over time. The Eero mesh system devices are updated continuously, with each update taking about 15 to 20 minutes with a 90-second reboot at the end. This ensures that whatever is learned from user feedback and developer diagnostics is delivered to you regularly to keep your system running at peak performance.

Final Thoughts

Sometimes, the price is paid to get smart. However, the benefits largely outweigh the drawbacks. Though there may be occasional issues with getting slow speeds on the Eero mesh system, the solutions are usually relatively simple. You also get the advantage of having constant updates to the system to ensure that you’re always keeping up with the times instead of falling behind.

Users have also reported being very satisfied with the customer service that they get from Eero’s technical support. If post-purchase satisfaction is something that you’re after, you can rest assured knowing that Eero doesn’t leave you hanging when the problems arise. After trying the steps we’ve listed, it’s always a safe bet to reach out to their technicians to be on your way to optimal speeds once again.

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