Why is My Echo Glow Blinking Orange?

Orange light in a circleOrange light in a circle

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If you’re a new Echo Glow user, you may assume that the color of the light indicates the same message as the color indicators on other Echo devices. But, while the colors may be the same, the meanings are different. With that said, you may be wondering what a blinking orange color on an Echo Glow means.

The Echo Glow will shine a flickering or blinking orange light when it is on campfire mode. Users can switch between several modes using the Alexa app or Alexa voice commands.

The warm orange light simulates the feeling of being around a campfire, making the room feel cozier. Keep reading to learn more about this Echo Glow mode and how to activate or deactivate it!

Why is My Echo Glow Blinking Orange?

When your Echo Glow emits a blinking orange light, it means campfire mode has been activated. This color gives the room a warm look and offers a campfire-like experience in the dark.

The Echo Glow is not a smart speaker like Amazon Echo or Echo Dot. While a blinking orange light on those devices signifies trouble connecting to the internet and requires troubleshooting steps to fix, a flickering orange light on an Echo Glow is not a reason to panic.

How Can I Stop My Echo Glow from Blinking Orange?

To stop the Echo Glow from blinking orange, you must switch out of campfire mode. Amazon’s Echo Glow features in-built LEDs that emit 100 lumens of white and colored light, which comes to life through simple tap controls.

This means you can change the color of your Echo Glow light just by gently tapping on it. However, if you don’t want to rely solely on physical touch, you can change the light settings through the Alexa app or by using Alexa voice commands.

Change the Light Setting with the Alexa App

Since a blinking orange light on the Echo Glow signifies that the device is in campfire mode, the only way to stop it is to change the light color or mode through the Alexa app. Before you begin, ensure you have the newest version of the Amazon Alexa app on your Android or iOS device. Then, follow the steps below:

  • Open the Alexa app.
  • Click “Devices” at the bottom right of your screen.
  • Select “Lights.”
  • Tap on Echo Glow.
  • Go to “Color.”
  • Tap on “Set.”
  • Then, choose your preferred color.

The app allows you to turn the light on and off, adjust the brightness, and set your preferred tone.

Use Alexa Voice Controls

The Echo Glow is a smart nightlight, but it does not feature a microphone or speaker for Alexa commands. If you want to use voice commands, you will need to pair it with an Alexa-enabled smart speaker, such as the Echo Dot. Once you link your Echo Glow to an Alexa-enabled device, you can ask Alexa to change the light for you by saying something like:

  • “Alexa, turn light red.”
  • “Alexa, turn light purple.”
  • “Alexa, dim light 30%.”

These are basic methods that will change the color of your Echo Glow. However, a more viable method would be to change the Echo Glow’s mode.

How Can You Activate Echo Glow Modes?

There are many different modes available on the Echo Glow. While these modes do not perform special functions, each will emit a particular color. You can change your Echo Glow’s mode by following the steps below on the Alexa app.

  • Open the Alexa app.
  • Click “Devices” at the bottom right of the screen.
  • Select “Lights.”
  • Choose “Echo Glow.”
  • Go to “Mode.”
  • Choose a mode.

If your Echo Glow is linked to Alexa through other Echo devices, you can also use voice commands like, “Alexa, set Echo Glow to (mode).”

Why Won’t the Orange Light on My Echo Glow Turn Off?

If the orange light keeps glowing after even after you change the color or mode, there’s likely a minor hiccup somewhere. To stop your Echo Glow from emitting that orange light, try these troubleshooting tips:

  • Restart the Echo Glow by unplugging it from the power outlet and plugging it back again after 10 minutes.
  • Reset your device by long-pressing the power button behind it. Then, wait until Echo Glow blinks red.
  • Update your Alexa app to the latest version so the light settings will work smoothly.

If all else fails, contact Amazon customer service for additional assistance.


A blinking orange light allows you to enjoy the feel of digital orange embers from the Echo Glow’s campfire mode in the confines of your home. The Echo Glow is user-friendly, and with the help of Alexa, you can explore many other colors and modes.

This Echo device is ideal for kids and users of all ages. It is a must-have for any household seeking a device that sets an excellent mood for learning, entertainment, or relaxation.

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