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Why is My Charter HD Quality So Low?

Last Updated Jun 18, 2022
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Cable TV is one of the most popular ways for people to get the entertainment they want while at home. With Charter HD cable TV, people can get that entertainment they want while getting the highest quality picture. But sometimes that HD quality is low. So what could cause the HD quality to degrade for customers?

Your Charter HD’s low quality may be caused by interference with the coaxial cables. This can be from outside or inside your house. Coaxial issues inside the house include: 

  • Damaged cables
  • Defective cable splitters
  • Loose connections

Finding out the issues with the Charter HD quality can help you get back the best picture. But is there another option besides using a cable box with Charter to get HD quality cable entertainment? For the answer to this question, please continue reading this article.

Why Your Charter HD Quality Is So Low

When you think about HD TV products, you would assume that your viewing experience would be great quality. However, for some who stream cable using Charter HD, this is not the case.

You may experience low quality picture when using Charter HD if you are streaming via a cable box. This can be due to issues with the coaxial cables that connect the cable box to your television or with the cable box itself.

Read on to find out a way to solve this issue.

How to Get Better Quality With Charter HD

Sometimes problems with Charter HD quality. Finding an alternative could be a great option for those who continually run into issues with their Charter HD cable box. So, how can you get the same cable channels they offer without a cable box that causes low quality picture?

Charter customers can enjoy HD quality cable channels without a cable box. However, this requires an internet connection and the Charter TV app downloaded on a smartphone. Some TVs, like Android TVs, allow for the app to be downloaded on the TV.

Knowing you can still get HD quality entertainment without having the need for a cable box can help with eliminating any issues. But does Charter’s cable box free option for customers offer them all the options that their cable box customers receive? Read on for more information on this.

Stream Cable Channels With Charter’s Cable Box Free Option

Getting all the cable channels you want with no cable box can give people a better option to get HD entertainment. With Charter’s cable box free option for its internet customers, people might want to know what they would get before making the switch. So does Charter’s TV app option give customers everything they want?

Customers can find plans with up to 125+ channels using the Charter TV app option. While the cable box free option offers slim down packages, they now offer their internet customers that package with 125+ channels.

With the Charter TV app allowing internet customers of theirs to get those channels they want, it makes for a great replacement for their cable box. But is their app reliable for HD live streaming? Continue reading for the answer to this question.

Enjoy Reliable Cable Live Streaming With the Charter HD App

Reliability is the biggest concern of people who watch cable TV channels they pay to view. With the Charter TV app for their cable box free option, customers want something they won’t have issues with when viewing the channels they are paying to watch. So how reliable is the app for viewing cable TV channels?

Generally, the Charter app is reliable for live HD streaming when connected to reliable internet. However, one of the chief concerns with the Charter app when casting to a smart TV was getting a message of “Are you still watching” during their viewing time.

With there being some concerns with the cable box free way of getting cable channels from Charter, a different provider might be better. Continue reading for another option for viewing cable channels with no cable box.

Alternative Streaming Apps vs Charter HD

Since you may be experiencing troubles with your Charter HD streaming service being of low quality, you may want to outweigh better options. Let’s go over two well-known streaming services vs. Charter HD below.


When looking for a better option over Charter, one of the first apps most people look to is YouTube TV. With a wide selection of add-ons and cable channels, they might be the right choice over Charter for getting HD quality programming without a cable box. So does the YouTube TV app outperform the Charter app?

When comparing rating reviews, the YouTube TV app doesn’t seem to be a good option over Charter. Customer’s primary concerns come with the lack of optimization with mobile devices and the YouTube TV app. 

With YouTube TV not having the best optimization for their app, another option is needed for those looking for the best HD experience. Keep reading for one last app to try.


Hulu is known for being a value for customers when streaming TV shows and movies. They also have a new live TV option for their customers. But can their live TV option provide the best HD experience for people?

As a whole, the Hulu Live TV option provides the best stability of all live streaming TV apps. They also are compatible with more smart TVs, meaning no need for a mobile device to view channels.


Sometimes your Charter HD cable box can stream in low quality for a number of reasons. You can fix this by using the cable free option. If you are looking for an alternative due to the issues arising, the Hulu Live TV option gives customers the best option when streaming HD cable channels. They have the best streaming and best options for accessing their channels.