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Why Is My AirPod Case Not Charging My AirPods?

Last Updated Dec 17, 2022
A pair of AirPods in their charging case

AirPods are a convenient tool for listening to music or talking hands-free. They easily connect to computers and iPhones. But why is your AirPods case not charging your AirPods?

The most common reason AirPod cases stop charging AirPods is that the case itself runs out of battery life. This battery life provides charge to the AirPods.

While this is the most common cause for lack of charge, there are other examples and reasons why AirPod cases will stop charging AirPods. Keep reading to learn more.

Why AirPod Case is Not Charging AirPods

As with all technology, AirPods can become temperamental if they are not properly cared for or maintained. This can lead to issues with the AirPods charging case resulting in no charge.

Seven of the most common reasons why an AirPod case stops charging are:

  1. Faulty hardware
  2. Lack of case charge
  3. Dirty case or AirPods
  4. Charging cord issues
  5. Power outlet issues
  6. Connectivity issues
  7. Amount of time spent charging

If you do not follow the correct brand recommendations or have faulty equipment, it can cause long-term problems. Below we outline the cause and fix for each of these common problems.

Broken Hardware

One problem that could be causing your AirPod case to stop charging the AirPods they contain is a hardware issue. 

Hardware issues can cause the AirPod case to cease all functionality.

To fix this issue, it is best to contact Apple Support. They can determine if the AirPods case is under warranty and whether or not it can be fixed or needs to be replaced.

Commonly, an appointment can be made, and you can go into your local Apple Store for help at the Genius Bar. Otherwise, you will have the option to mail out the case for repair.

Also, make sure there’s been no exposure to water because AirPods are not waterproof.

If only one AirPod is charging, we’ve got some help.

Uncharged AirPod Case

It is easy to forget to charge electronics. This is especially true when it comes to your AirPod case. 

When your AirPod case runs out of battery, your AirPods will no longer work.

To remedy this issue, the best choice is to plug your AirPod case into a charging cable into a wall outlet. Lightning cables charge the most efficiently and are the best option.

Another option you can use is to put the AirPod case on a chagrin mat and leave it until the light turns green. 

The green light indicates the case is at full charge once more.

Grimy AirPods or Case

If your AirPod case gets dirty and full of dust or lint, it can have difficulty providing a charge to AirPods. 

This is because they will not sit appropriately in the case to connect to power.

You must clean your AirPod case regularly. You can do so by following these steps:

  1. Grab a cloth, make sure it is soft and dry
  2. Use a little isopropyl alcohol to dampen the cloth
  3. Gently rub the cloth over the case and inside the AirPod seating area
  4. Use a soft bristle brush to get debris out of the connector

Once you are done, all of the debris and dust should be removed so that the case can be charged properly, which will, in turn, provide a proper charge to your AirPods.

Broken or Frayed Charging Cords

If you try to charge your AirPod case with a broken or frayed charging cable, it can result in no charge. 

An AirPod Case without a charge cannot provide battery life to AirPods.

Examine your charging cable regularly to ensure it is not frayed or broken. 

If you see too many kinks or fraying, replace it immediately.

Faulty Outlet

If you are plugging your AirPod case into a wall outlet to charge, you must ensure there are no issues with the wall outlet. 

It is best to call an electrician to check the status of a wall outlet.

Otherwise, you can attempt to check the wall outlet power by doing the following:

  1. Buy a multimeter from Amazon or your local hardware store
  2. Turn the power on 
  3. Insert a probe into each outlet slot
  4. Read the monitor to see if the voltage is being fed to the outlet

The multimeter will quickly inform you whether or not voltage is being provided to a wall outlet. If there is no reading, it is best to call an electrician to further look into the problem.

Lost Connection

Sometimes connectivity issues can result in a charging problem with the AirPod case and AirPods. 

AirPod cases require a Qi connection to charge properly.

If you do not use a cord or charging unit that connects and chargers the AirPod case via a Qi or better connection, the case will not charge and will not function properly for the AirPods. 

Too Little Charge Time

Everyone is often in a rush. This is because life is busy, and there is so much to do in so little time. 

This can result in AirPod owners shorting their cases on charge time.

If the case is not charged long enough, it can result in a lack of battery life and cause issues when the AirPods are seated inside to charge.

To remedy this, try charging the AirPod case overnight. 

It provides enough charging power to the case to provide energy to AirPods without dying quickly.

Full Charge Ahead

Now that you understand why you are having problems with your AirPod case, it’s time to troubleshoot it. Soon, you’ll be ready to listen to your AirPods at full energy.