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Why is Kindle Oasis So Expensive? (Including Surprising Reasons)

Last Updated Apr 28, 2022

If you love reading new novels as soon as they come out, you’re probably a big fan of e-readers like the Kindle. It allows you to read books on the go and also saves you space in your suitcase and home. If you’re looking for a new eBook reader, you might be considering the Kindle Oasis. However, it is much more expensive than competitor braid ebook readers. Why is that?

The Kindle Oasis comes with a hefty price tag because of the following:

  • Larger design
  • Added LEDs
  • Automatic brightness settings
  • Solid and durable build compared to other eBook readers

We will go over all the details of why the Oasis is so expensive in this article- including a few reasons that might surprise you! By the end of this article, you will be able to decide if the price tag on the Kindle Oasis is worth it or not. 

Why is Oasis More Expensive? 

Sold for just under $250, the newest version of the Kindle Oasis is pretty pricey compared to other models. Since Amazon came out with upgraded models of almost all their Kindles back in 2019, you might be wondering how the new Oasis compares to all the other upgraded Kindles.  

Let’s take a look at some of the best features below that make the Oasis so expensive. 

New Display 

The Kindle Oasis has the best screen of any Kindles by a long shot. It’s seven inches making it one inch larger than all other e-readers on the market. The Oasis has a small battery edge, but the rest of the design is solely the screen making it extremely easy to see the text. 

It also has 300 pixels per inch (PPI) compared to some of the other Kindle models that only have 167ppi. 

New Light

One of the main reasons that traditional book readers stay away from e-book readers is because they feel like they can’t see the screen as well as they can see a real book. This problem is nonexistent with the new Oasis. 

The Oasis has LED lights rather than LCD or OLED lights. This means the light goes across the screen of the tablet rather than being directed at the reader. It makes the screen much clearer. 

It also has 25 LEDs, a major leap from the 12 LEDs that the last Oasis had. For comparison, the basic Kindle only has 4 LEDs and the Kindle Paperwhite only has 5. 

The LEDs on the Oasis also change color. You can choose from bright white to a warmer color depending on your environment. You can also adjust the brightness and warmth on a sliding scale. 

If you don’t want to adjust the settings yourself, feel free to use the automatic brightness settings or create a schedule for the light to change based on the times you enter.  

Reading Made Easier 

Almost all Kindles make reading easier, but the Oasis does so in more than one way. For example, turning pages is now done quickly and without you even noticing. Amazon has done away with the flash that used to accompany page-turning. 

You can also listen to audiobooks via Bluetooth on the Oasis. Amazon also redid the highlighting feature to make it easier to highlight lines or words without the screen buffering or becoming glitchy. 

These small things might not seem like a big deal that would up the price. Anytime Amazon changes a feature of the software in a product though, the price tends to soar to reflect those changes. 

The Product is New 

As of now, the Kindle Oasis is the newest and top Kindle on the market. Amazon is allowed to charge more for the product simply for this reason. Until a new model of Kindle comes out on the market, the Oasis will continue to be highly-priced. 

The Reviews are Good 

You might not think the reviews for a product matter when it comes to price, but they do. On Amazon, the Kindle Oasis has thousands of 5-star reviews. Most people are happy with the product and write stellar reviews on Amazon as well as other websites and forums. 

Amazon knows it has made a good product and will continue to charge the highest price they can for it because they know most people are pleased with the new features. 

Most companies will up the price of a product or keep the high original price rather than offer discounts as long as the reviews coming in are good. 

Final Thoughts 

Some of the reasons for the Kindle Oasis’ high price are pretty obvious since they involve new features like additional LEDs, a bigger display, and easier highlighting and page-turning. The amazing reviews and the fact that the Oasis is the best Kindle model currently also contribute to the large price tag.