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<a></a>Why Is Insignia TV Cheap? Are They Still Good TV?

Last Updated Apr 29, 2022
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It is normal to be cautious when we see an uncommonly cheap good. Could it be that the low price is a sign of low quality? Insignia TV is one such good, as many of their products are cheaper than those of other brands.

Insignia TV is cheap because their TVs are produced with components left off from manufacturing TVs of big brands like Samsung and LG. However, this does not take anything away from the quality of their products.

You are probably wondering how and why they make their products with, so to speak, leftovers? You might even be more skeptical about buying their product now that you have unearthed this piece of information. Now, let us dive into how they can get quality products and possible quality concerns that might arise from this.

Why is Insignia TV cheap?

Best Buy, the American electronics store, owns the Insignia TV brand. The company has been in the industry of manufacturing TVs for years.

However, Best Buy neither designs its TVs nor owns its factories, so the manufacturing is outsourced to firms like Hisense in China. These firms also make TVs for major brands like LG and Samsung and utilize the leftover components from Samsung’s previous models to make Insignia products. It’s like waiting a few months to get a new product, and it’s why the products are so cheap.

The whole process is cheaper for Insignia than major brands, as they do not spend as much on designing and procuring parts. The components of their TVs are built in different factories and then sent to China to assemble.

Is Insignia TV good?

Generally, Insignia TVs are solid products. They are not rated on the same level as products like Samsung, but they are no slouch either.

Since the TVs have the same components and are manufactured and assembled in the same factories as those of the major brands, there is no problem with quality.

Note that leftover components used in making the TVs do not mean the parts are faulty. Manufacturing processes often leave okay inputs unused when they reach the number of the final products needed.

Reasons You Might Want To Consider Insignia TV

Now that we’ve addressed why “the TVs are so cheap,” let’s look into some pros of getting an Insignia TV product. They include:

  • They are pocket friendly: This is the most significant appeal of Insignia products. Insignia products are cheaper than those of other brands with the same features. It is the perfect appeal when looking for a good room TV or TV for kids.
  • There is good customer support available: Even the best electronics products can quickly develop faults, it is best to have reliable customer service available when you need it. Insignia TV offers such a readily available service, which might be due to being backed by a visible brand like Best Buy.
  • They are quality: Despite their unusual way of sourcing inputs, Insignia TV products are surprisingly quality. While they might not be able to hold the candle to the best brands, they can stand their own when discussing most features.

Cons Of Insignia TV

It can’t be all good, right? There is no way a product can be that cheap and perfect, right? Well, there is some truth in that. Insignia TVs are not without a few faults of their own. Some of these are:

  • They often do not have the best and latest technology in the market: Insignia TVs often lag in the latest technology. This is because they use components used for the major brands’ previous year’s products. If, for example, you are looking for a TV with the latest 4k technology, you’ll likely not get it with Insignia till months after the major brands have released products with the feature.
  • The Components might get outdated quicker than those of other brands: This is another possible downside to the production process of Insignia TV. There is always the possibility that some of the components used get outdated faster than expected.
  • The Speaker quality is low: Insignia products generally have mediocre speakers. This is, however, common with many TV brands, and if you need top-class audio, you will have to buy a sound system to compensate.

Do Insignia make Smart TVs?

For such a brand that doesn’t get much acclaim, Insignia has been making smart TVs for over a decade. This is a sign of a brand that always tries to incorporate the best technologies without straying far away from the core mandate of being budget-friendly.

Should You Go For Insignia?

The answer to this question lies in what features you need in your TV and what purpose you need it to serve. If, for example, you want to get an extra TV for your room, Insignia is perfectly okay. If you want a TV for your kids, Insignia is also a very nice go-to. However, if you are looking for a state-of-the-art television set for your living room or the best gaming televisions, you might be better served to go for better brands.

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