Why Hisense TV Remote May Not Be Working

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Whether you are using a TV to watch the daily news or to see the latest movie that was just released, people rely on their TV and TV accessories to be working at all times. The last thing anyone needs is a remote that doesn’t work. If you own a Hisense TV, not seeing the remote light up when you use it can cause frustration. So what could be causing this issue?

The most common reason the Hisense TV remote may not be working is that the batteries are dead. When you change the batteries, make sure the contacts are clean as well. A leaked battery will cause issues with the connections inside the remote and stop it from working.

With the most common issue with the remote covered, there might be another issue altogether. Read on to learn more about why a working remote might not get a response from the Hisense TV.

Why Is My Hisense TV Not Responding To My Remote

Having a TV not respond to the buttons being pushed on the remote can be confusing. The remote lights up, but the TV just doesn’t recognize the buttons being pushed. If the remote lights up, one may think that the TV should be identifying what is being pressed on the remote. So what could be causing the Hisense TV to not respond to the remote?

As a general rule, if the IR sensor to the TV or on the remote is blocked, the Hisense TV will not respond to the remote. Another thing to check is the buttons on the remote. If any of them are sticking, you will need to remove the batteries and press all the buttons until you can use them smoothly. After that, you can reinstall the batteries.

With the common issues that can cause a problem with the Hisense TV and the remote cover, one might want to know if they can reset the remote. 

How Do I Reset My Hisense TV Remote

With most electronics, there is an ability to reset them. When you reset the device, you lose all the data on it with some devices. Others allow for a soft reset that will preserve your data. So can you do a reset on a Hisense remote, and if so, how do you do it?

As a rule, when you remove the batteries and hold down the power button, this will trigger a remote reset. Doing this will also drain any power from the remote from when the batteries were installed. 

Doing so will cause any codes used on the remote to control other electronics to be erased. So be sure to have any codes needed to relink your electronic devices back to the Hisense remote.

With all that is covered with the Hisense TV remote, the next thing to look at is if you can reset the Hisense TV.

How Can I Reset My Hisense TV

Sometimes with smart TVs, they can freeze or have other issues. Some of the minor problems just require a reset of the TV. With the Hisense TV, it’s the same. But how can the Hisense TV be reset?

Generally speaking, there are two ways to reset the Hisense TV. The first way would be to unplug the TV for 30 seconds, then plug it back in. This is what is called a soft reset. The second way is from the menu on the Hisense TV. 

These are the steps that are required to reset the TV from the menu:

  • Find and use the MENU button on the Hisense TV remote
  • Go to the SUPPORT option in the menu and select it 
  • Go to the SELF DIAGNOSIS option from the Support menu and select it
  • Go to the RESET option from the Self-diagnosis menu and select it
  • Confirm a factory reset of the Hisense TV

This hard reset will erase all saved settings from the TV.

If you’d like to learn more about Hisense, check out this article. Knowing what reset to do is essential to ensuring that your TV stays the way it’s set up. Read on for a helpful tip on what to do if your Hisense TV remote stops working altogether. 

What Do You Do When Your Hisense TV Remote Stops Working

The common causes that could prevent the Hisense TV remote from working have been discussed earlier in this article. But some may want to know what to do if the remote stops working altogether from a significant issue like a motherboard failure.

When it comes to a malfunctioning remote, it’s best to contact Hisense customer support. They have a 90-day warranty on Hisense TV remotes. They can also go over any less common issues that can cause the remote to malfunction.


Some of the ways for fixing issues with your Hisense TV or remote can be pretty simple.

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