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Why Element TV Automatically Turns Off

Last Updated May 16, 2022
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The latest episode of your favorite TV show may have just been released, but your Element TV automatically turns off. You can’t watch anything without interruptions, and you want to figure out why.

Your Element TV automatically turns off because you may have:

  • Faulty Power Cords
  • Incorrect TV Settings
  • Overheating issues
  • Internal Issues

Before we can get into fixes for your Element TV, let’s check to see why your Element TV may be automatically turning off.

Why is my Element TV Turning Off?

There is hardly anything more frustrating than needing to relax and not being able too. That’s why we’ve written up this guide to help you get back to relaxing, whether it’s a power cord you need to replace or an overheating issue.

Here are some reasons why your Element TV may be turning off by itself. Remember: with electronics, when there are symptoms, there is a problem and a solution is always to be found.

Faulty Power Cords

Perhaps your Element TV is turning off because there are faulty power cords; in which case, you may need to replace your power cords. 

Before you replace your power cords, check to see if the power plug you are using is working. Is it able to conduct power to another device? You may even need a surge protector. If you still think it may be your power cord, examine the power cord you have and find a replacement for it. If it’s not your power cord, it could be your TV settings.

TV Settings

The Element TV has a settings menu. Check out the settings and see if you don’t have a timer enabled. Sometimes, TVs will automatically enable a turn-off timer. This could be the case with your Element TV. If it isn’t, overheating may be the culprit.


Overheating is a common problem with TV sets. The Element TV is no exception. It can also overheat, and a lot of times there are safety precautions TV manufacturers put in (like automatically turning off) in order to prevent an explosion or fire hazard.

Touch the TV panel to see if it’s hot. Does it feel unnecessary hot? If so, you may have an overheating issue.  A technician can confirm if your TV has an overheating issue or not. They also can check to see if you have more seriou internal issues going on.

Internal Issues

When your Element TV is having internal issues, it can be hard to discern. It can be impossible to see or to tell.  Some internal issues you could come across are debris and hard/ software issues. Let’s unpack how debris and hardware/software problems can affect your Element TV.


Debris is an attacker and destroyer of many technology devices. It seems to creep inside and fester; and you can find yourself doing just about anything but checking debris.

Check your TV panel and sweep away any dust. Softly blow on the power cords and inputs to ensure all dust is gone. If you’re sure debris isn’t a problem, you could have a hardware and software problem on your hands.

Hardware and Software Problems

There can be many hardware and software problems with your Element TV. It’s always best to have a technician come troubleshoot your TV for you. Check to see if your TV is covered under its warranty.

How to Stop Element TV from Turning off 

Okay, so, what about some preventative measures? In order to stop your Element TV from turning off, you can:

  • Clean your TV regularly
  • Prevent chances of overheating
  • Change the settings

Cleaning Regularly

Remember how we mentioned debris? It’s important to clean your TV regularly. This includes the ports – grab a cotton swab and clean gently inside the ports, or use a blast of air.  Dusting around the TV can prevent buildup, too. If you are worried about overheating, here’s how to prevent it.

Preventing Overheating

If you’ve had overheating issues in the past, or are worried about encountering them in the future, you can prevent that. Dust regularly and remove any airflow obstructions (like a gaming console that blocks the fans of your TV). Don’t add too much heat, generated by other devices, next to your Element TV. 

Manage the cables, so that they do not intertwine and become a large conduit of heat. Consider investing in a fan, but make sure it’s not producing more heat. Next, you can check the settings on your TV.

Changing Settings

You may even be able to alter the fan speeds on your Element TV, or use less power. Investigate your settings to see if you can’t dim the brightness or disable a turn-off timer. Contact an Element TV support specialist to see if you there’s any more settings that you can alter. 

Final Thoughts

A TV automatically turning off is common. If you Element TV is turning off by itself, you may have an auto-shut off timer that was enabled. They can be enabled on their own. Your TV may also be overheating, another common culprit to why your Element TV may be automatically turning itself off. 

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