Why Does Spotify Keep Pausing? (Solved)

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With over 188 million subscribers, Spotify is one of the most popular audio streaming platforms on the planet. Whether you love to listen to your favorite music on the go, find a new podcast, or make playlists for yourself and your friends, you probably have Spotify on your phone. But Spotify isn’t so great when it’s constantly pausing. 

According to Spotify, there are 4 reasons why your Spotify keeps pausing: Something is wrong with the Spotify app, you might be logged in on another device, your device doesn’t have enough service, or an unauthorized person is attempting to stream music from your account.

Now, understanding why your Spotify keeps pausing is important, but so is learning how to fix the problem so you can get back to enjoying your music and podcasts! In this article, we are going to find out why your Spotify is pausing and what you can do about it! 

4 Reasons Why Spotify Keeps Pausing

Alright, so the first thing you need to know is why your Spotify music or podcasts keep pausing randomly.  

Luckily, Spotify has actually given 4 very clear-cut reasons why this may be happening on the app or web player:

  • The Spotify app isn’t functioning properly. 
  • You are logged in on another device, and a friend or family member is using your account at the same time. 
  • The app doesn’t have enough cellular service or sufficient WiFi to run without pausing. 
  • An unauthorized person has hacked your account and is using your profile to stream. 

However, while these are the 4 most common reasons why, you can’t really know for sure why your Spotify keeps pausing until you attempt to solve the issue and see what fix actually works. 

How to Stop Spotify From Randomly Pausing

So, let’s find out how to solve the problem and make sure your Spotify stops pausing randomly while you stream. 

Here are 4 quick fixes you can and should try to stop Shopify from pausing:

  • Restart the app and your device. 
  • Check in with family and friends who may be logged into your account. 
  • Ensure you have sufficient cell service or internet. 
  • Reset your password and sign out of all devices. 

Now, we will step through the instructions for each solution so you can get back to enjoying your Spotify. 

Restart the App and Your Device

One of the most common issues that Spotify users encounter is simply that the app isn’t functioning properly. Luckily, solving this problem couldn’t be easier. 

The first thing you should do is force close the app and open it again. That may do the trick! 

If not, you should then restart your device and try to open Spotify and play your favorite music or podcast again. 

Check In with Family & Friends

Another likely reason why Spotify keeps pausing is that one of your family members or friends is actually using your account to try to stream something else! 

You can either reach out to family or friends and find out if they’re using your account or simply log out of all devices by selecting “Sign Out Everywhere” under your account preferences. 

While you will have to re-login to all your preferred devices, it will be worth it to enjoy pause-free music! 

Ensure the Device Has Service

The next solution you should try is to ensure the device has sufficient service to function properly so Spotify won’t keep pausing. 

If you are using mobile data, sometimes there’s nothing you can do but wait until you’re in a location with better reception. 

However, if you are connected to a WiFi network, you can try restarting the WiFi router or disconnecting other devices you’re not currently using to get a better signal and get Spotify working properly. 

Reset Your Password & Sign Out on All Devices

The final issue you may encounter is that someone is trying or has hacked your account. 

While this is unlikely, it is possible, so you should know what to do next. 

First, you should “Sign Out Everywhere” and reset your password under your account preferences.

That might do it! But if you are still worried that an unauthorized person is attempting to use your account, you should follow Spotify’s instructions for what to do next. 

Final Thoughts

So, why does Spotify keep pausing? Well, you know the answer to this one by now! 

Just remember, there are essentially 4 reasons why your Spotify is probably pausing when you don’t want it to. 

Your device doesn’t have enough service, a friend or family member is using your account on another device, the app needs to be restarted, or someone is attempting or has hacked your account. 

No matter what the problem is, you now have the solution, so you can get back to enjoying Spotify right now! 

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