Why Does Samsung TV Get Darker (And How To Prevent It)

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Anytime you’ve been in the market for a new TV in the last few years, you’ve undoubtedly heard of Samsung. Samsung’s Smart TVs have risen to popularity thanks to their innovation and versatility for consumer needs. Samsung’s TVs range moderately sized to larger models, and their prices range from the affordable to more expensive range. 

Your samsung TV gets darker because it is adjusting to the light around you. This way, if you’re sitting in the dark, the lights aren’t blindingly bright. However, if you dislike this feature, there are ways to disable it. 

Many customers report a sudden darkening of their screen. If you own a Samsung TV and deal with a darkening screen, this article can give you solutions that can help. In this article, we’ll be covering causes of a darkening screen, as well as possible fixes that can help. 

So How Does It Get Dark? Does It Get Bright As Well? 

Samsung’s Ambient Light Detection feature determines the light in the space, and transforms the display illumination instantly to lower power usage and eyestrain. The ambient light detection is also known as a type of ECO sensor. This sensor helps to determine the amount of light that is in a room and will help adjust the screen brightness automatically. In the long run this helps reduce the amount of power that is being used in your home. 

Your screen may be darkening simply because this feature is turned on. You can turn this feature off at any time in the settings. Before trying other fixes, consider going through your settings to make sure that they are optimized for your viewing experience, and that the ambient light feature is turned off. 

The feature that Samsung TV’s offers is a great feature. It can adjust the TV light to be brighter as well as darker depending on the amount of light that is present in the room. It will really help save power consumption when it comes to your electric bill. 

Can This Mode Be Turned Off?

Yes, it’s entirely up to you whether you wish to have this attribute on or off. As stated above, you can optimize each setting for your unique viewing preference.  If you do want to turn it off, go into Settings. You will have to go into General Settings first, and locate the option for Ambient Light Detection. After you find this, you can switch it off which will get rid of the dimming on your TV. 

 What If I Have An Older Samsung Model?

If you have an older Samsung TV, you may have to use other methods to address the dimming. Try entering into “System,” and select Eco-Solution – where your Eco-Sensor is located. There, you can turn off this setting to stop the dimming from happening. 

Other Reasons for Dimming

Yes, there can be several possibilities as to why this happens. Some of them are given below: 

  • Backlight settings: By default, the backlighting configuration may cause the display to appear dark. As a workaround, simply go to the backlight settings and increase the brightness level until the dimming resolves. The backlight configuration may be referred to as illumination depending on your operating system.
  • SDR: HDR isn’t always the best approach. Despite the uniqueness of the HDR setup, switching to SDR for a brighter viewing experience can eliminate the persistent dimming. Because HDR photos tend to be darker, these can often be misinterpreted as system issues or malfunction.
  • Gamma Correction: Gamma is usually set to 2.2 in most cases, but this is not always the case. To make the picture appear more vibrant, lower the gamma setting a few notches if your display is darker than you’d like. This can resolve your dimming problem. 
  • Power saving mode: Many Samsung TVs have a built-in power-saving feature to help you save money on your electric bill. However, the drawback is that you lose out on illumination and also image quality. To brighten your display, if you see the power beginning logo design, you’re probably in picture mode and have it set to common rather than power saving.

You Can Brighten Your Samsung TV With Ease 

Dimming with your Samsung device can happen for a variety of reasons. Samsung has included this feature in all of their TVs since 2013, and most modern-day TV’s have it included as well. This is an awesome feature that automatically comes with your Samsung TV.

It is beneficial for many different reasons but the most common one is because of the amount of power consumption it can save on your electricity bill. If you experience recurring dimming issues, simply follow the steps in this guide to reach a quick resolution. 

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