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Why Does My Toshiba TV Beep When I Change Channels?

Last Updated Mar 31, 2022
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You are having a wonderful evening but then… You start to hone in on something a bit annoying. A high-pitched beeping sound each time you switch to a new channel, and you start to wonder if you can fix this or if you’re stuck with it forever.

The active content review may be the cause. This is technology recognizing separate forms of input; so, it will make a noise when changing stations, but not input sources, to differentiate between the two.

It may seem like the most annoying noise in the world, but don’t worry – it isn’t as bad as you think, and there are reasons behind it. Let’s go over why your TV beeps when you change the channel now. We’ll then cover how to disable the sound.

Why Does My TV Beep When I Change the Channel?

Like the shutter click on cameras, some TVs may beep when you change the channel. Sometimes you can disable the sound, but with others, it is a built-in feature and there is no way to disable it.

It may also be a “warning system” of sorts, used to indicate an issue or error with your TV that needs to be addressed. 

Should I Leave the Beeping Noise On, or Disable It? 

The beeping noise when you change the channel may not bother you at all. In fact, you may be reading this because you’re worried – what if it’s an indication there is something wrong with your TV?

If you just noticed your TV making a beeping noise very recently, you have cause for concern. Call a technician in or customer support to see if there are any issues you may need to address.

If the beeping has been occurring since you first began using the TV, it is a default setting or technology implemented. In this case, if the beeping is something that bothers you, you may have to work around the beeping noise. Some TVs do not allow this feature to be disabled.

Do All Toshiba TVs Beep When Changing Channels?

No, not all Toshiba TVs beep when you change the channel. In fact, it is only a select few models that beep when you change the channel. You may have ended up with a model that comes pre-loaded with the feature, or the beeping occurs automatically due to the software build itself.

To disable the noise, if your TV model allows it, check out the list in the next section.  

How to Disable the Beeping Sound On Your Toshiba TV

There are a few ways to disable the beeping sound on your Toshiba TV. 

Here is a list of 10 ways you can disable that sound:

  1. Set the Dolby digits to “Yes” in the audio settings menu.
  2. If it is software-related, you can contact the manufacturer to know for sure.
  3. It may be related to your cable service provider – contact an agent and they can stop by to disable the sound.
  4. This setting may be in your remote settings. If it is, turning your remote volume to 0 will remedy the issue.
  5. Make sure the resolution of the TV channel you are on matches the TVs current resolution. 
  6. Set picture format in general settings to fixed and select a resolution like 720p.
  7. If you are using RCA cables, check the TV settings and disable sound from the HDMI port.
  8. With no HDMI incoming sound, you will hear the beep.
  9. Check if your HDMI audio is set to analogue and L/R RCA cables are where they need to be in the color stream audio port. If everything is correct, the beep should be gone.
  10. Contact Toshiba and check about disabling this feature.

Now that we’ve gone over a general list, check out how to disable the beeping noise in the settings of the TV:

The Toshiba TV will emit a beeping sound when flipping through channels. This is a factory setting. To disable it: 

  1. Open the menu
  2. Go to settings
  3. From the menu accessibility and language, select audio feedback
  4. Toggle audio feedback to off
  5. Select done

Now you know where the beeping is coming from, why it is occurring, and some various tips and tricks to get rid of the noise. Remember, the beeping noise is most likely not a cause for concern.


We have outlined 10 potential fixes for your Toshiba TV if it is making a beeping noise every time you change the channel here. It may be a resolution issue, software, or hardware issue. Perhaps hooking up a soundbar to your TV will remedy the issue; regardless, the beeping noise most likely is not something to worry about and should not impact your experience if you choose to keep it.

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