Why Does My TCL TV Have No Sound

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When Purchasing a TCL Smart TV, no matter what type of TCL TV model you get – Roku, Android TV, Google TV, certain issues and problems might occur over the years when in use. These problems may be that your TCL TV sound is not working, there may be a delay in sound, or your smart TV sound might be echoing. No matter the issues, you should fix them, and get them up in no time.

There are many possibilities as to why your TCL TV may not have sound, but the most common is that your TV is muted or there was an error in connecting your external speakers.

Unless you are using your TV as smart home surveillance, or you’re having a movie marathon on silent films, this problem can be very frustrating. In this article, we are going to look into why your TCL TV is not making any sound, how to fix this, and also how to reset your sound.

Why Is My TCL TV Not Making Sound?

If your TCL TV is not making any sound, it may be as a result of certain factors we would look into briefly. 

There are several reasons your TCL TV might have no sound or low volume, these are:

  • Your Television volume may be low, or the Television might be set on mute.
  • Your external speakers may be faulty or wrongly connected.
  • The sound settings aren’t configured right.
  • A bad or faulty cable.
  • Media enabled devices such as game consoles are not properly connected to the TV as a result of unhooked cable or bad configuration.
  • Hardware issues from the TV’s internal components such as the internal speaker.

Now, let’s look at this issue for TCL Roku TVs.

Why Is My TCL Roku TV Not Making Sound?

For TCL Roku TVs, your sound is gone as a result of:

  • The volume mode on your TCL Roku TV is on Night and leveling.
  • Private Listening may be turned on on your Roku Mobile App.

To ensure that the sound is faulty, check several apps, input, or source channels. If you have issues with only one app or an input source, troubleshoot that source or check the App’s support site for precise troubleshooting. In the next paragraph, we are going to look at how you can solve these issues.

How Do I Fix the Sound On My TCL TV?

While most models of TCL smart TVs have similar features, the way you set up your audio, and fix them depends on each type. Although, we would help you fix your TV if it’s a Roku, Google TV, or Android TV TCL smart Television.

To fix the sound on your TCL smart TV, do this:

  • Increase the volume of your TV/Console/Satellite/Cable, or check if it has been on mute the whole time.
  • Check the Audio settings of your TCL TV, and any device connected to it.
  • Ensure the TV cables, and ports are firmly well connected. Check other devices that may have been connected to your TV too.
  • Check if there is a software update for your Television. A TCL smart TV in need of a software update may have sound issues.
  • Check your Wi-Fi Connection. A laggy network can cause audio problems.
  • Check all the channels, if it’s only one channel having this issue, it might be from that channel.
  • Reset the sound on your TCL TV.
  • If the internal TV component is damaged, take your TV to an authorized TCL smart TV repair shop, or use your warranty to replace it. 

Now, let’s look at this solution for TCL Roku TVs.

How Do I Fix the Sound On My TCL Roku TV?

If you are using a Roku TV model, do this to ensure you have sound on your TCL TV:

  • Remove audio leveling. To do this, use the star button on your remote to open the options panel. Scroll down to volume mode and turn it off.
  • Disable Private Listening on your TCL-enabled Roku TV using your mobile app.
  • Check all apps, if one app has this sound problem, it would be probably because of the app. Trying uninstalling and reinstalling it.
  • Factory reset your TCL TV. This may restore the sound on your Smart TV.

Now, let’s see how to reset the sound on your TCL Roku TV.

How to Reset the Sound on TCL Roku TV

To Reset the sound on your Roku TCL TV, do this:

  1. On the Roku Menu, press the “Home” button 5 times
  2. Press the “Up” button once
  3. Press the “Rewind” button twice
  4. Press the “Fast forward” button twice

Now your sound on your TCL TV should be fixed. If not, please contact TCL support here.


So next time, if your TCL Smart TV speakers suddenly stop functioning, you don’t get all confused about it. You can now identify why your TV sound isn’t there, and now you get it back on track. Make sure you use a Roku-compatible speaker or soundbar if you are connecting a speaker or soundbar to your TCL TV using Bluetooth. 

To connect to other Bluetooth devices, you can just use the Roku app on your smartphone to turn on private listening.

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