Why Does My TCL TV Beep When I Change Channels?

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The infamous beeping noise on a TCL TV is a travesty when you’re trying to change the channels or scroll through the guide while your partner is trying to catch some Zs. It can be incredibly aggravating for you as well, especially after it’s gone on for a long time.

A TCL TV is likely beeping because you have audio feedback turned on in the settings menu. Sometimes, TCL TVs—a lot of other TVs as well—arrive with the settings defaulted to audio feedback, so every time you press a button, you get feedback.

It’s not always a beeping sound either. Depending on the TCL model, it may be an annoying clicking sound, a really loud snap, or a monotone blip. Regardless of what the sound is, it’s annoying to most people, and fortunately, there’s a way to change it.

How to Turn Off the Beeping Noise on TCL TVs

Of course, every TCL model is different, so the settings are not always going to be exactly the same. In one form or another, the process for turning off the audio feedback noise will go something like this:

  1. Access the TCL TV’s Menu.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Open Accessibility and Language.
  4. Select Audio Feedback.
  5. Toggle it to Off.
  6. Choose Done and back out of the Menu.

This should do the trick for most TCL TVs that give you the beeping sound when changing channels. However, it may be a feature that comes with your cable box—if applicable—in which case the options are so endless that it’s absurd.

In whatever way you can, you will need to access the settings menu that applies to your cable box and provider. Once you are in that menu, you will have to seek out something similar to the above process, most likely under the Sound Menu, and turn off Audio Feedback.

Stop Roku TCL Audio Feedback

Roku TCL TVs dominate the TCL lineup nowadays, and if you are using a Roku version, the audio feedback settings will probably be in a different menu/layout. In the case of Roku TCL TVs, this is a really simple fix.

  1. On your Roku remote, press the * button.
  2. Scroll to Volume Mode.
  3. Toggle it Off.

That seems to be the largest “beeping” sound resolution amongst Roku TCL TV owners as it’s just another way of turning off the same feature, which is audio feedback. If that doesn’t do the trick, always fall back on what you are using to interact with your Roku TV.

If you have a cable or satellite box set up and you are interacting with your Roku TCL TV through that, then you will have to venture into those settings, find the audio feedback option—it might be named something completely different—and turn it off.

In many cases, it might be an exercise in trial and error; however, regardless of what you are accessing, the feature will almost always be in the sound settings in one way or another.

Adjust Dolby Digital and Leveling Features

Dolby Digital audio features seem to also cause a beeping sound when interacting with the remote, and it’s also something that you can go into the settings and adjust or just turn off completely.

The Dolby Digital problem is almost always an issue when there is a DirecTV, Dish Network, or Cable box setup involved. All you need to do is go into the settings for your respective box, access the settings, and turn Dolby Digital off.

This seems to be a problem with certain TCL TVs, Roku, and otherwise and isn’t specific to any one type. If you exhausted your options with trying to switch off audio feedback options, turning off Dolby Digital may be worth a try.

Audio leveling is a feature that is similar to audio compression, making the quietest sounds loud enough to hear and reducing the loudest sounds to a more nominal level. Turning off this feature often removes or at least reduces the channel surfing beep. On a Roku TCL TV:

  1. Press the * button.
  2. Scroll down to Volume Mode.
  3. Select Volume Mode and locate Sound Leveling.
  4. Toggle the option to Off.

Reset the Audio on Your TCL TV

Sometimes it’s best to just turn back the clock and reset everything back to the beginning:

  1. Press the Gear Icon on your TCL Remote
  2. Select Sound in the menu column
  3. Navigate to Soundmode
  4. Select Reset to restore audio to factory settings

Once there, it may eliminate the beeping sound altogether or help you to narrow things down to something more familiar when all of your settings have been returned to default.

Final Thoughts

The beeping sound that happens every time you touch a button or change the channels isn’t typically a malfunction with the TCL TV but a feature. Sure, it’s an aggravating feature, but a feature nonetheless. Fortunately, it’s one that you can turn off for good.

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