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Why Does my Sony TV Have no Sound?

Last Updated Jun 28, 2022
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It is Friday night.  You have had a long week at work.  Dinner is done, your obligations are finished for the week, it is time to sit down and binge-watch your favorite show that you have fallen behind on.  You grab a glass of your favorite beverage, sit down on the couch and turn your Sony TV on only to discover that there is no sound!  Not good!  

There are a few reasons why your TV might have no sound and it is generally a correctable problem without having to replace your TV.  The specific problem you are experiencing will depend on the model of your TV and any accessories that you have connected to the TV.

It may be comforting to know that this problem is very solvable at home however it is not much comfort while you are waiting to hear a sound!  Alright, already!  I am sure you are ready to learn how to troubleshoot why your Sony TV has no sound, correct?  I thought so.  Let us dive in.

Start with Obvious Possibilities

If you are familiar with troubleshooting any technology in your life, you are probably familiar with the “turn it off and turn it back on” method.  It often works!  Start with this to see if it solves your problem; if you wish, you may unplug it from the wall and plug it back in.  If you do, leave it unplugged for several minutes.  If this did not solve your problem, next try the following steps:

  • Check to make sure the MUTE button is not pressed.  Most TV models will display the word “MUTE” on the screen, but not all will, so this should be your first step
  • Try turning the volume up to a higher level.  Sometimes, the speakers in your TV could be damaged but not broken, leading to audible sound at higher volume settings
  • Check to ensure all the wires between your TV and other devices are fully connected.  Wires come in all forms (i.e. component, stereo, HDMI, etc.) and can be intimidating!  Check all these wires for any signs of fraying or other wear and tear  

Other Options

Unfortunately, simple troubleshooting steps did not solve your problem if you have read this far.  Do not despair!  You will be able to watch 5 straight episodes of your favorite show!  Here are a few more steps you can try next:

  • There may be a problem with your streaming device such as an Amazon Fire TV stick, DirectTV satellite dish, Blu Ray player, etc.  For the device you are watching the show on, i.e. the Fire TV, check the settings on the device to ensure the sound is outputting through the Sony TV speakers and not somewhere else
  • Check to make sure your TV speakers are set to “on” within the TV settings.  Navigate to the sound/audio section and ensure this reads something to the effect of “TV Speakers”, “Sony Speakers” or something similar.  If this is set to something else, the TV does not know where to play the sound

The Last Step

OK, we have tried a few steps and nothing has worked.  It seems as though you are destined to not watch your show and instead pick up a book to read.  While reading books is fun in its own right, after a long week, who wants to do that when you can drink a tasty beverage and watch your favorite show?  Well, all hope is not lost!  There is one more step you can take.  

In your TV settings, navigate to the section that is titled “reset”.  You should see an option in settings such as: “reset settings”, “erase settings”, “factory reset”, “reset to factory default” or something similar.  Choose this option to restore your TV settings to the original settings.  Taking this step should eliminate any problematic settings on the TV itself.

Why did the Sound on my Sony TV Stop Working?

There are many possible reasons why this may be happening and it does take some tinkering to discover the root cause.  The good news is that most of the time your TV itself is functioning fine and it is likely a bad setting or a problem with one of your other devices.  There is a chance the TV is malfunctioning, but it is not likely.

At this stage, if you have tried all the steps here and your sound is still not working, a call to a technical support company may be in order.  The only way to truly know if your TV is the problem is to test multiple devices for sound on your TV.  If you have no sound on any of them, this is a strong sign that there is a problem with your TV itself.

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