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Why Does My Samsung TV Have No Sound?

Last Updated Oct 4, 2021
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The new Samsung LED TVs have excellent picture and sound quality. Occasionally, some troubleshooting may be needed. What should you do if there is no sound coming out of the speakers? Why is there no sound? What should I do to bring the sound back?

Read on for some tips to troubleshoot your Samsung TV sound problems?

The Volume Is Down

The most common reason for your Samsung TV to have no sound is because the volume is not turned up. Here are the first things you should try:

  • Press the up or + button for the volume on your Samsung remote for the TV
  • Check to make sure there are numbers going up to indicate increasing volume 
  • If there is an external device attached, such as a sound system, make sure the volume is increasing on the external device

If there is still no volume, but the volume number on your Samsung TV is still going up, the problem is likely an external device. Check the instructions for your external device to troubleshoot this issue.

The Remote Control Isn’t Working

lg tv remote

Sometimes, the culprit of why your Samsung TV might not have sound is because of the remote control:

  • Check your remote and make sure it is the correct one for your Samsung TV. 
  • If you are using a third party universal remote, follow the directions from the manufacturer and make certain that the remote is set up correctly.
  • Check the batteries for the remote and replace if you are unsure whether they are dead.

Now, let’s take a look at some recommendations for new remotes.

Recommendations for Remotes

Here are some options for universal remotes that work with Samsung TVs:

If the volume number cannot be increased with the remote, you will need to check the settings on the TV.

The TV Settings Were Changed

If the TV has no sound and you have tried to increase the volume number with the remote, but no number is displayed, you will have to open the settings on the TV itself:

  • Select Settings > Sound 
  • In the Sound menu, select Sound Output
  • Select TV Speaker

Try to increase the volume again. If this doesn’t work, a sound diagnostics test is necessary.

Diagnostics Test

If you have tried to fix the volume problem by checking the remote and the sound settings in the Samsung TV itself and the problem persists, a diagnostics test is warranted. 

To perform a diagnostics test:

  • Open Settings > Support
  • In the Support Menu, select Self Diagnosis
  • Click on Start Sound Test

At this point, your Samsung TV will check for factory updates. Make sure that your TV is connected to the internet and wifi so that your TV can check for software updates and start downloading them, if necessary.

A factory reset may be necessary.

Your Internet Connectivity Is Low

Without an internet connection, your Samsung TV cannot perform software updates. If your Samsung TV is not connected to the internet:

  • Check your router settings
  • Make sure the router doesn’t have more devices connected to it than it can handle. Some routers can only support 3 or 4 devices at a time. 
  • Use another device to connect to the internet. If you cannot, it is likely that your internet is down and you should contact your provider.

Now, let’s take a look at checking your internet password.

Check Your Password

If your Samsung TV still will not connect to the internet, check your password. This is a common reason for lack of internet connection:

  • Open Settings > General
  • Select Network
  • Select Open Network Settings
  • Select Wireless
  • Choose the network you want to connect to
  • Carefully type in your password with the Show Password box checked

Once internet connection is verified, your Samsung TV should be able to check for software updates.

If Sound Quality is Bad

Is the volume turning up, but the sound is fuzzy or otherwise not as clear as it should be?

If sound is coming out, but the sound quality is bad:

Run a diagnostic test by pressing the HOME button on the remote. This button may be labeled with an icon of a house:

  • Open Settings > Support
  • Choose Self Diagnostics
  • Choose Start Sound Test

Now, let’s look and see some solutions.

If The Test Shows an Issue

If problems are found with this test:

  • Select Settings > Sound
  • Choose Expert Settings
  • Select Reset Sound

Now, let’s see if there is no issue found.

If The Test Shows No Issues

If no problems are found:

  • Select Settings > Support
  • Select Self Diagnosis
  • Choose Signal Information. 

This will initiate a signal check. A satellite dish icon with signal bars will be displayed near the top of the screen. At least four bars of signal strength must be indicated to pass this check. If there are fewer than four bars of signal strength, your signal reception is unstable or weak. There may be problems with your router or internet.

If the problem persists, check for updates to the software. A factory reset may also be necessary.

If your sound works but there is just a delay, check out this article.


Samsung LED Smart TVs produce a beautiful picture and clear sound. When there is an issue with sound, the problem is generally simple and can be fixed within a few minutes by checking for problems with the remote control or in the Settings menu.