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Why Does My Roku Ultra Keep Restarting or Turning Off?

Last Updated Jun 30, 2022
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You are watching your favorite show or movie, and it is getting to a really good part. Suddenly, and without warning, your Roku Ultra displays a black screen and restarts. What happened and what can you do to fix the issue?

The issue with a Roku Ultra turning off or restarting could be with the power supply, the software, or the hardware.

There are a few different reasons your Roku Ultra may be restarting or turning off. After scouring the internet for information and fixes, we have found the best ways to try to fix the issues you are experiencing with your Roku Ultra. Keep reading to learn more about them.

What is the Roku Ultra?

Roku claims that the Ultra is their “fastest and most powerful player ever.” It is able to display video up to 4k definition with HDR. To make things even better, the Ultra makes use of Dolby Atmos Sound and Cinematic Dolby Vision.

The remote is now rechargeable on the Ultra while still using voice commands and retaining its 3.5-millimeter headphone jack for easy, private listening. Roku now offers a “listening” function where you can give commands just like you would do with Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant.

When you buy a Roku, the company makes it easy to find free programming to enjoy to help keep monthly costs down. The Roku Channel offers lots of free channels and shows streaming live.

Why is Your Roku Ultra Restarting or Turning Off?

Many Roku users have had to deal with their players restarting and turning off in the past. There are a few different reasons your Roku Ultra may be restarting or turning off.

The issue could be with the power supply, the software, or the hardware. Luckily, we found some simple solutions that may fix the issues you are experiencing.

Solutions You Should Try

Hopefully, one or all of these five fixes will get your Roku streaming well without shutting down or restarting. If none of them work, a call to Roku customer service might be in order due to hardware issues with the player.

Try Performing a Hard Restart on Your Roku Ultra

One of the first things to try out on just about any malfunctioning device is turning it off and on again. Sometimes there are some issues going on with the running memory of the system and a restart may be just what your player needs. To hard restart your Roku Ultra, push the Home button on your remote, go to the Settings menu, select System, then select the System Restart option.

Update Your Roku’s Firmware

You tried a hard restart and your Roku Ultra is still acting up. The next step in the troubleshooting process is to make sure the player’s software is up to date. One of the main points of software updates is to fix known bugs. The player should automatically update the software on its own, but you can also install updates manually. To do that, push the Home button on your Roku remote, select the Settings menu, select System, then select System Update. That will tell you if there is an update available and let you install it.

Check the Power Supply

If your Roku Ultra is not receiving enough power, that may be causing your issues. With the Ultra, Roku provides a power supply to plug into a wall outlet for power. Check the connection on the back of the player to make sure the connection is good there. If that connection is good, check the cord to ensure there is not any visible damage.

Check Network Signal and Strength

Most users are not going to use an ethernet cable from their modem to their player even though that ensures maximum bandwidth and strength. If you are using Wi-Fi, there are rare times that low signal quality or strength may make your Ultra freeze or reboot. Make sure not too many people are using your network first. Then, if you are sure that network congestion is not the issue, check to see if you can switch your Roku’s connection to a different frequency band.

Is Your Roku Hot?

Something that many users may overlook is the fact that Roku Ultras, like other tech gadgets, can overheat. To protect the delicate electronics inside, Roku designed the Ultra to shut down if it detects that the player is getting too hot. If your Roku is getting too hot, unplug it for a few minutes to allow it to cool down. Before plugging it back in, see if there is a spot to which you can move the player that would allow for better airflow.


No one wants to have their Roku Ultra freeze or restart while they are enjoying a film or television show. Lucky for you, the fixes for these issues are typically easy, quick, and effective.

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