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Why Does My Insignia TV Beep When I Change Channels?

Last Updated May 12, 2022
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Insignia TVs are the signature television set from Best Buy and are a fine brand for a solid deal on one of quality. Most owners report good performance at a low price, yet sometimes the set can have issues.

You likely hear a beep when changing the channel because audio feedback is turned on in the settings menu. Many new TVs arrive with the settings defaulted to audio feedback, meaning that every time you press a button on your remote, you get audible feedback.

Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a lot of money and time to fix most Insignia TV problems. One problem that can occur with Insignia TVs is an audible beep when changing channels. Read on for detailed instructions and to learn more about Insignia TVs.

Changing Insignia TV Sound Settings

An important question you need to ask yourself before moving forward is whether the sound is coming from the TV or the remote. Reports of audio feedback on Insignia TVs do happen but are fairly rare, so it could be that your remote is low on battery or malfunctioning. Change your remote batteries first and see if that solves your problem.

Here’s how to Disable Audio Feedback Definitely Coming from the TV:

  1. Open Menu
  2. Select “Settings”
  3. From “Accessibility & Language” 
  4. Select “Audio feedback”
  5. Toggle this to “Off”
  6. Select Done

Keep in mind that depending on the Insignia TV model, this setting could be somewhere else in the settings menu. Make sure that you take a look around under titles like “Accessibility & Language,” “Audio,” or perhaps “Devices.”

Benefits of Insignia TV’s

With the price of an Insignia TV being vastly lower than many sets on the market, one would think each and every single produced would be a lemon. However, online forums and reviews seem to report that these TVs are a quality purchase that you should definitely consider.

The newest models are all Smart TVs which owners have been raving about. Do you have a Ring camera installed by your door? Now you can check up on your home right from your couch up on the big screen. Want to take advantage of the 4K technology? Log in to your favorite streaming service, and the 60 Hz refresh rate will provide a stunning experience.

Another seemingly unnecessary but still fun perk for convenience is that the accompanying remote has dedicated buttons for immediate access to fan-favorite services like Netflix. Now, you can save the ten to fifteen seconds it would have taken you to scroll through your apps to find the one you want.

Main Issues with Insignia TV’s

Unfortunately, a few common issues frequent Insignia’s customer service lines. One problem that is seen reported quite often with Insignia TVs is that the volume control is less than reliable. Some owners say that it shuts off randomly; others claim that changing your external speakers will completely alter the audio settings.

Many owners have also reported that the physical set itself is wildly sensitive. The casing is easily scratched, and owners need to be extremely cautious around the screen as any slight pressure, squeeze, or rub can cause real issues.

Easy Troubleshooting Tips

As with any new device, there will likely be a few hiccups. Therefore, we’ve compiled a quick list of the easiest troubleshooting actions you can take on your own should the situation arise.

These actions include:

  • Search in the settings. Whatever you’re looking to turn off or on, change, or disable, is most likely going to be in the settings menu.
  • Restart the Insignia TV. We hate to say it but, this is frequently a cure for most tech issues. Turn it off and turn it back on and see if the magic worked.
  • Try a factory reset. every change you have made to the settings and the TV since you bought it will be wiped. However, we feel that the benefits outweigh the hassle of setting it all up again. 
  • You may just have a Lemon. Try reaching out to customer service to see if they might be able to assist.

The main takeaway here is that Insignia TVs are a quality purchase, and the majority of troubleshooting is very simple! You can easily jump into the settings to turn off irritating functions like audio feedback and enjoy your big, beautiful set.


Chances are that if there is some sort of beeping when changing the channel, it is likely that the audio feedback has been turned on. Keep in mind that it’s not always a beep sound. Sometimes it may be a click or a really loud snap. However, regardless of the exact sound, it’s understandably annoying to most people, and fortunately, there’s a way to turn it off.

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