Why Does My Fire TV Cube Turn Off Randomly?

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It’s two minutes before the season finale of your favorite show, and… wait, what?! Your Fire TV Cube just shut off! While Fire TV Cube is a definite upgrade to Amazon’s Firestick, it does come with a few very unexpected flaws. One of these is a random shut-off.

Generally, our Fire TV Cube turns off randomly because of the connection between your Fire TV Cube and your TV. If not properly connected, it can turn off randomly. Another thing that may be happening is your TV turning off when just trying to turn off the cube.

So, what can you do to troubleshoot or fix this issue? There are a few steps that need to be followed to fix the issue of your device suddenly turning off or turning your TV off altogether. Continue reading and follow the steps below to fix this issue.

Troubleshooting Fire TV Cube Turning Off Randomly

As mentioned, it’s not uncommon for a Fire TV Cube to randomly turn off. While these incidents don’t happen all that often, they’re not completely unheard of.

To troubleshoot this issue, there are a few DIY steps you can try. Some are easy and less invasive, like checking to make sure plugs are all connected. Others might require a little more work, like testing the Fire TV Cube on another TV.

Here, we’ll outline exactly what to do to troubleshoot your Fire TV Cube experiencing random shutdowns:

  • Restart your Fire TV Cube: Unplug the device from the wall outlet, wait 30 seconds or more, and plug it back into the wall outlet. Sometimes the device just needs to be reset in order to work properly.
  • Try using it on another TV: Plug your Fire TV Cube into another TV to see if the issue continues. If the issue does not continue, the issue was probably with the TV used, not with the Fire TV Cube itself.
  • Make sure your TV supports HDCP: Not all TVs support HDCP, and this is needed to function the Fire TV Cube properly. Look up online whether your model TV supports it.
  • Change the HDMI port the Fire TV Cube is plugged into: Sometimes, switching HDMI ports will fix this issue. This would be due to a glitch or issue with a faulty HDMI port on the TV itself.
  • Connect the Fire TV Cube directly to the TV: If your device is connected to an external HDMI port or drive, unplug from this device and plug directly into the TV. This would mean the issue is with the connection to the external port, not with the device.
  • Complete a system reset: Go to settings on your device and complete a factory reset. This will completely reset your device. After doing this, you will lose all settings and apps you downloaded and may have to reprogram and reconnect to Wi-Fi. This will completely reset the device.

These are the complete set of troubleshooting techniques to fix your device. It should only take about 10 to 15 minutes to troubleshoot your device and get it working again.

Start with the easiest, most simple solutions. Then, move on to those that might require a little more effort. More often than not, the easiest solutions do the trick.

Keep note if your device is acting differently than normal, noting any overheating or odd actions during the process. It may be possible that you need a new device that is still not functioning properly.

What’s Next?

After troubleshooting your device utilizing the steps listed above, your device should be up and running, and your Fire TV Cube should not be turning off randomly. Make sure to follow the prompts on the TV after starting back up to make sure to reconnect or reset anything as needed.

Make sure that all cables are plugged in and installed properly via the instructions manual for installation, which can be found in the device’s box or on Amazon’s website.

You are Now Ready to Get Back to Streaming and Watching

Now that you have restarted your device and have installed it properly, you are ready to stream your favorite movies, shows, and more with the use of the Fire TV Cube.

Make sure to check with your local provider or amazon consultant to see what system is the best fit for you and your household. You are now able to install apps that you want and utilize your device.

You can also watch your favorite streaming services such as Hulu, Netflix, Disney Plus, HBO, CNN, FOX, ABC, and so many more with the use of this device. Happy Streaming!

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