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Why Does My Fire TV Cube Keep Freezing?

Last Updated Nov 14, 2021

So a while ago, you just got this awesome new tech, Amazon Fire Tv Cube which lets you control your favorite movies, and TV shows by simply speaking to it. All of a sudden, you find your new gadget acting up by freezing, and you are perplexed because this wasn’t mentioned in the guide earlier. So why is my Fire TV acting up?

Your Fire TV Cube may be freezing mainly because of performance issues. These performance issues may be as a result of the RAM running low, low storage capacity, an outdated OS, or the device being overused which might lead to overheating. It may also be a result of poor internet connection too.

If your Fire TV Cube acts this way, it might also mean that the app you are using is affecting it. You might not understand what happened initially, and you may want to contact their customer care support right away. But before you do that, you may want to first try to solve the problem first. Keep reading to learn how to stop your Fire TV Cube from freezing or buffering.

How Do I Stop My Fire TV From Freezing?

Before you can start troubleshooting the software in an attempt to stop your Fire TV Cube from freezing, you must perform hardware troubleshooting first. If the problem persists, you can then check the software part. 

If your Fire TV Cube is still frozen till now, you may consider taking these steps:

  • Check the remote batteries.
  • Restart the device by going to “settings” then selecting “restart”.
  • Check your power supply, and use only the cable that came with your device
  • Try disconnecting the hub, and plugging it directly. 

Now, let’s take a look at the steps if your TV is blank.

What If My TV Is Blank? 

For an unresponsive TV screen, make sure that your TV is switched on. You might also consider changing HDMI cables because that sometimes can cause your device to freeze. Make sure no other devices are plugged into the other HDMI ports. 

If you would like to learn about your TV, check out this article.

Why is My Fire TV Cube Buffering?

Buffering takes place when you stream a video, and this constantly happens without you even knowing. The only way you may find out about it is when the connection is disrupted. 

Your Fire TV Cube may be buffering because of a slow internet connection. Most streaming platforms recommend that your internet’s bandwidth should be about 5Mbps for standard definition streaming, 10Mbps for high-definition streaming, and 25Mbps for 4K. You can run a test on your bandwidth by using

The data for both videos, and audio is downloaded into a buffer (a part of the memory which is reserved specifically for this function), which your Fire TV Cube then plays back to you. If the play speed is faster than the buffer speed, the video keeps pausing to wait for more data to be downloaded into the buffer.

How Do I Stop My Fire Cube From Buffering?

Sometimes, if your Fire TV Cube keeps freezing or buffering, it may be a result of software issues. You can undergo some steps to correct this, and several factors need to be checked too.

Below are some of the ways you can troubleshoot your Fire TV Cube to solve these performance issues.

Ensure Your Internet Is Connected

A buffering or freezing device may indicate a bad internet connection. Head over to the settings, and check your internet connection. Ensure that the signal strength is “very good”.

Force Stop the App and Clear Cache Data

If your Fire TV cube keeps buffering or freezing when you use a certain app, forcefully stop the app, and delete the cache files before reopening the app. Over accumulation of cache data might cause your device to not respond.

Update the App Causing Your Fire TV cube to Freeze or Buffer

If your app keeps freezing even when you have restarted your devices several times, and have cleared the cache data, consider updating the app. It is important to keep your apps up-to-date on your Fire TV Cube.

Update Your Fire Tv Cube

Maybe, just maybe the version on your device is not up-to-date. This can cause some pretty lagging or slow loading when it comes to streaming videos. Update your device’s OS to enjoy the best viewing experience.

Reset Your Device

If you have tried updating your system, and it still freezes, try a factory reset. Resetting your Fire TV cube would remove all downloaded applications, and settings. This might help resolve this issue.

Contact Customer Care — Conclusion

If you have undergone all the available steps above, and your Device keeps freezing, you can now contact customer care. They would then investigate to find out the cause of the freezing. This may be a result of a manufacturing error, and in this case, they would replace your Fire TV cube or give you a full refund if you want. Although this is only possible for customers who are still under the 90-day Amazon warranty.