Why Does My Element TV Have No Sound?

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You’ve picked up the remote and got ready to watch your favorite show. Turned on the TV, but something is wrong. The screen is working, and lips are moving, but where is the sound? You’ve turned up the sound, but still nothing! So, how come your Element TV has no sound?

The most common mistake when it comes to your Element TV having no sound is that the mute button has been clicked. If not, there could also be an issue with your internal speakers, your cords, or the app you’re using. 

So, go ahead and click that mute button to make sure that isn’t the case. If that hasn’t worked, read on for more solutions. 

How to Easily Fix Having No Sound

After checking the mute button, the two easiest ways to fix the problem with your Element TV are by unplugging the TV and during a hard reset on your device. Unplugging the TV or doing a hard reset won’t damage your television; you may just have to set your settings back the way you prefer. Still, that is so much better than not having any sound at all. 

Unplugging your Element TV or even doing a Factory Reset can help with automatically getting your TV to reset to its normal settings. Keep in mind when doing a factory reset, all of your saved data will be erased.

The first way, you just unplug your TV, wait a few seconds, then plug the TV back in. It should set everything back to where it needs to be for your TV. Whether that is you muted the television by accident, there was a glitch in the TV or program, momentarily, or maybe some other reason.

The second way is to do a Factory Reset on the device. If that is the way you want to go:

  1. Settings
  2. System
  3. Advanced System Settings
  4. Factory Reset
  5. Factory Reset Everything

This will be where you will find the factory reset for most Element TVs. And will reset any issues you are having internally with the device. 

Can a Loose Cord Cause No Sound?

Yes! A loose cord can cause your Element TV to lose sound. If you have anything, Playstation, DVD player, or other external playing device plugged into your Element TV and aren’t receiving sound; you might want to check your cords. The A/V cords in the back are what you will look at the most. Make sure the audio input jack is plugged incorrectly.

When using a soundboard, you want to make sure it is connected correctly. When using an optical cable, you want to push in the plug until it snaps and set the TV on the “optical” setting. Then, of course, make sure the soundboard is turned on. 

If using the analog ports, look for the audio in and audio out ports shown by the red and white ports. Then connect the other end to the audio ports on your soundboard. Finally, make sure you have the soundboard turned on. 

Some Other Ways to Fix Your Sound

Your streaming platforms may also be a part of the issue. For instance, if you are on Hulu and the audio isn’t working, try going on YouTube to see if the issues are also happening. This is also a known problem for many smart TVs using the Disney Plus app.

If the problem is coming from the individual streaming platform, you can check to see if the platform is muted or contact customer support. 

If you have the Roku Element, you can reset your TV on the Roku remote using a special passcode:

  1. Tap HOME 5 Times
  2. Up 1 time
  3. Rewind 2 times
  4. Fast Forward 2 times 

You can also go to Settings, update the system, or adjust the audio setting. Make sure the imputed audio is set up to play on the TV. Often we can plug in a soundbar or some sort of speaker and forget to make sure that it has connected properly with the television. 

Check also that your internal speakers aren’t disabled. If they are enabled, check to see if the hardware is working. Sometimes, after everything, you find that the speakers have burned out, and you can no longer play audio on that television. 

So, Let’s Recap:

There are many different reasons why your Element TV may not produce sound. First, double-check that cords are plugged in correctly, especially if you are connected to a soundboard. Then, try doing a reset of the device. You can do this in multiple different ways:

  • Unplugging the TV for 5-10 seconds and plugging it back in
  • Do a factory reset
  • If you have a Roku Element, then reset using the special remote passcode

You can also try going into the Settings and checking the audio settings. Sometimes you may have muted the television or even have disabled the internal speakers by accident. 

Of course, after all that, if things are still not working, you might have an issue with the actual hardware. Sometimes the internal speakers just burn out, and if that happens, you may consider looking into getting another Element.

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