Why Do My Eufy Floodlight Camera’s Lights Keep Turning On?

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If you have a Eufy Floodlight Camera system and the lights keep turning on, there are a few simple troubleshooting steps you can take to hopefully get your device working just as well as the day you took it out of the box. Luckily, most of the fixes are simple and not at all difficult or time-intensive to implement.

The Eufy Security app has numerous controls and settings that will make it a breeze to adjust the settings of the motion control system that triggers the floodlights on the Eufy Floodlight Camera system to turn on when it senses motion. Some of them include Activity Zones, Detection Types, and Motion Sensitivity.

Why Do My Eufy Floodlight Camera’s Lights Keep Turning On?

There are a few common reasons why the floodlights on your Eufy Floodlight Camera keep turning on. Most of them center around the motion sensor system. When the motion sensor system detects motion, it turns the lights on to brighten the area to get a clearer picture for the camera to record. If your lights are constantly turning on, that could be the culprit.

  • Clean the PIR Motion Sensor Lens
  • Set or Adjust your Activity Zones
  • Set your Motion Detection Type
  • Set your Motion Sensitivity
  • Use Motion Detector Test Mode to Test Sensitivity

Most of these fixes can be done using your Eufy Security app or just a little bit of leg work. The only fix that is all that difficult will be the factory reset if none of the other fixes work out. The factory reset will be the last-ditch effort to get the Eufy Floodlight Camera to cooperate and act as it is supposed to and only trigger the lights when you want them to.

Clean the PIR Motion Sensor Lens

The PIR (Passive Infrared) Sensor Lens is the part of your camera system that detects motion using hardware. It is the large white sensor located beneath the camera lens. Since the camera is outdoors, the PIR sensor tends to stockpile various types of debris and dirt on the sensor. Your only problem may be a dirty sensor causing the lights to trigger.

To clean the PIR sensor on your Eufy Floodlight Camera:

  • Locate the white PIR Sensor on the front of your Eufy Floodlight Camera
  • Check to see if any debris, dirt, or dust is covering the PIR sensor
  • If so, take a clean, soft cloth that won’t scratch the lens and wipe the PIR lens clean

If this doesn’t solve your problem, it may be that you need to adjust your Activity Zone.

Set or Adjust Activity Zones

Activity Zones are areas of the Eufy Floodlight Camera’s field of view where you can have the Eufy A.I. detect or ignore motion depending on your settings. If there are large pets triggering your motion sensors or possibly some other object like a tree that is causing your motion sensor to trigger constantly, an Activity Zone can help solve your problem.

In the Eufy Security app, you can set up Activity Zones to detect or ignore motion in specific areas in the camera’s field of view. This will help eliminate the false positives and potentially help stop the false triggering of your floodlights.

Motion Detection Types

There are also two modes of detection to which you can set your motion sensors using the Eufy Security app: All Motions and Human Only. All motions will detect all motion in the camera’s field of view and trigger the lights. Human Only will only trigger the lights when the Eufy A.I. senses human motion in the camera’s field of view.

Motion Detector Test Mode and Motion Sensitivity

You can also adjust the sensitivity of your motion sensor system. By initializing the Motion Detector Test Mode in the Eufy Security app, the Status LED indicator light on the front of the Eufy Floodlight Camera will blink red when it detects motion. You can then adjust the sensitivity in the app and move around the camera’s field of view to find an optimal setting.

Motion Detector Sensitivity Level
Level 11 – 20
Level 221 – 50
Level 351 – 70
Level 471 – 80
Level 581 – 88
Level 689 – 92
Level 793 – 100

Something else to consider if your floodlights are still constantly triggering is to try lowering your motion sensor sensitivity level until it stops. Some people have complained of insects and birds triggering their cameras. Bright lights attract insects, and then they may trigger the bright lights, then a vicious circle ensues.

It never hurts to try multiple settings to see which ones make the most difference. You may find that just lowering the sensitivity by one level allows the camera to ignore whatever was triggering your lights to come on constantly. 

If All Else Fails

If none of the above troubleshooting fixes fixed your problem and your Eufy Floodlight Camera lights are still coming on more often than you’d like, it might be time to do a hard factory reset on your device. Luckily, we have instructions on how to factory reset a Eufy Floodlight Camera that makes taking your system back to factory settings a breeze.

If a factory reset doesn’t fix your problem, it is probably time to contact Eufy and see if they can help you or possibly replace your Eufy Floodlight Camera.


Many of the troubleshooting fixes listed here are quite simple. Some frequent maintenance, simple sensitivity testing, or zone setup will often fix most of the problems with the Eufy Floodlight Camera floodlights coming on too often. If those don’t work, then there is the hard reset. That should take you back to factory settings. If that doesn’t work, Eufy is your best bet.

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