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Why Do My AirPods Keep Disconnecting?

Last Updated Dec 12, 2022
Airpods being put into case with an iphone

Consider being in the middle of a very important meeting, but the audio stops working and disconnects midway when using your AirPods! How can you avoid a disastrous situation like this?

Any AirPods will function incorrectly if the Bluetooth connection is inconsistent. By activating and deactivating Bluetooth, or the Airplane mode, on any connected device, you can reduce technical issues and assist with related problems.

Your AirPods may disconnect independently for various reasons, including outdated software and improper settings. This article lets you know why your AirPods disconnected from your iPhone or iPad.

Why Do My AirPods Keep Disconnecting?

AirPods connect to your device via Bluetooth. You can use them with any device that supports the tech.

The most frequent issue is that your Bluetooth may fail to connect, which will notify you that your connection has failed each time you attempt to connect.

  • Choose “Settings” from the iPhone’s home screen window.
  • On your iPhone, press down the home and power buttons.
  • Reset your Bluetooth settings in the control center or settings menu.
  • Now try connecting your device.
  • Go to the settings and select Bluetooth if the issue continues.
  • Next, select the “I” icon next to the device experiencing trouble pairing.
  • After selecting “Forget This Device,” click to confirm.

You can run into a pairing issue where your Bluetooth either fails to recognize the device you are attempting to couple with or does so but is unable to do so.

As a result, when trying to locate the other device, your Bluetooth may become stuck and continue “Searching” for a considerable time.

Other Factors Affecting AirPod Connection

Various factors could bring on your AirPods’ connectivity problems.

It can be an issue with the hardware, the software, signal interference, radio frequencies from other wireless devices, your WiFi, and even the microwave can interfere with Bluetooth.

Ensure Good Battery Condition

Your AirPods’ battery life may be poor and lead to disconnecting.

You can tell if the AirPods are in functioning order if they turn on smoothly and stay on for a long time.

When the AirPods’ battery runs out, the Bluetooth connection is lost, making it unable to continue listening to audio through them.

Your AirPods may only work if there is sufficient power, often more than 20% of the entire battery life.

Your source device will keep playing the audio. After all, devices require sufficient power to operate at their best.

Selected Audio Device

Sometimes it is possible that even though your AirPods are plugged in, another source is being used by your output device.

This issue is more prevalent on Apple TV or a Mac because switching between numerous connections is simple, but it is also feasible in the iOS ecosystem.

It is worth checking if the call or music you are listening to is being streamed through the standard iPhone speaker or another audio system that has been put in a different area of your home.

Hardware and Software Incompatibility

For Bluetooth to work effectively, both software and hardware are required.

For example, producers of Apple and Microsoft products have created radios that speak Bluetooth 4.0.

Therefore, if your device does not support Bluetooth 4.0, you cannot pair it with this radio.

Even if your device may have a Bluetooth 4.0 radio, Bluetooth Smart may not be supported by your current operating system.

This could, in turn, be preventing you from using Bluetooth 4.0.

Increasing Dirt and Wear

Since AirPods are portable, you carry them wherever you go, which could subject the device to substantial wear and tear and result in future problems.

Therefore, when not in use, keep your AirPods safely stored in their cases to prevent damage.

An excellent supplementary strategy to keep your AirPods in good working order is to clean them once every few days.

AirPod Sensor Issues

The AirPods can detect when they’re in your ear and play or pause the audio properly, as many current wireless headphones can.

When you remove one of your AirPods, Automatic Ear Detection causes the audio to pause briefly before restarting.

Not only that, but it will turn off when the AirPods are removed and restart automatically once they’re put back in.

This feature, which is on by default, ensures you don’t miss anything when you take off your AirPods, but it could result in audio cuts for certain users.

This audio cut may happen when the detection is ineffective, such as when wearing the AirPods, but the sensor cannot recognize it.


The greatest option for music lovers is AirPods.

You can listen to music and perform other DIY tasks close to the associated device.

However, to keep your music playing, AirPods require several maintenance procedures.

Avoid losing Bluetooth connectivity by regularly updating your devices, cleaning your AirPods, and buying high-quality AirPod brands.