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Why Do I Have To Keep Signing Into Xfinity Email?

Last Updated Aug 14, 2022
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Modern technology has made it easy for people to view their favorite shows from the cable provider virtually anywhere. Gone are the days when consumers are required to sit in front of a TV; now, they can log into their account online. This is an easy way to watch shows until it malfunctions, leading to the question, why do I have to keep signing into my Xfinity email?

Xfinity requires you to sign into your account every time you enter the browser screen as a precaution for your safety. The issue could be a setting or networking issue if you have saved your password and still receive this error even after saving it.

Now that you have a general idea of why you need to continuously sign in to your Xfinity email, you are probably wondering how to get it to stop. Keep reading to avoid receiving this error message every time you log on.

Xfinity Values Security

Xfinity values the privacy and safety of its customers. As such, it requests users use their email to sign in every time they exit the browser screen. Some people cannot stand this transaction because it wastes time and can become cumbersome. Luckily there is a way to easily adjust your settings and Xfinity’s settings to fix this. You can do the following:

  • Use the “remember me” option on the login screen
  • Change your browser security settings
  • Adapt your anti-virus settings
  • Update your computer security settings

Don’t worry; this isn’t a sign that your account is being used elsewhere. So, keep reading to learn how to adjust Xfinity’s settings, the browser settings, and the computer settings to ensure that you do not need to log into Xfinity with your email every time you open or click out of a web browser.

Remember Me

The first step in getting rid of this annoying login prompt is selecting the ” remember me ” button on the log-in screen. This will prompt Xfinity to ask you if you are sure you want to save your password and log-in credentials. It will further ask whether or not you are using a safe computer, such as your home computer and network, to do this.

If the answer is yes to both prompts, you can click okay and continue logging in. 

Every time you log in, the Xfinity website will remember your IP address and auto-fill the username and password associated with your Xfinity account. This will streamline the overall log-in process.

Browser Security Settings

The next level of defense is your personal login information and passwords in your web browser. 

Whether using Chrome, Firefox, or Edge, each browser has a built-in protective setting to automatically erase your login information to help prevent a data breach due to a virus or malware attack on your computer.

If you have comprehensive anti-virus software installed on your computer, you can likely override this feature without worrying. This will result in your password and username being saved to the Xfinity website for auto-login every time you go to the page in your browser. 

To adjust this setting, follow these quick and easy steps:

  1. Navigate to the settings button on your browser
  2. Select preferences, settings, or options depending on the browser
  3. Find the tab or selection called privacy or security
  4. Go to website tracking
  5. Deselect prevent cross-site tracking option within the security pane

Once this is unchecked, you can save passwords and usernames easily, and you will not be logged out every time you swap browser windows or leave the page.

Computer Security Settings

As you browse the internet, your computer comes into contact with cache and cookies. These are like little trails that show where you have been, what you have been looking at, and how often you navigated around a site. These things are stored in your system memory for safety reasons. Once the browser cache and cookies get full, problems will begin to occur. 

One such problem is it will stop auto-logging you into the website of your choice. This is an annoyance that most people cannot stand because it takes time and a good memory to log in with so many different passwords. The best thing to do is clear the cookies and cache on your computer and try again. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Go to system settings or the control panel on your computer
  2. Go to the general tab
  3. Select delete
  4. Modify the items you would like to delete and clear from your computer, including cache and cookies

This should give your computer a reboot and refresh. Try to open the browser and get back into the website you were attempting to log into. It should solve the problem in the end.

Staying Logged In

Keeping yourself logged in to the Xfinity website is easy to quickly pay your bill, watch a TV show, or select a movie. It is helpful for anyone who lives a busy lifestyle to use this function as it saves time. So the next time you log in, try one of these tricks to keep yourself that way.

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