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Why Can’t I Watch Xfinity Stream On My Phone?

Last Updated Jun 20, 2022

Technology is constantly advancing. Due to these advancements, we can access shows, movies, and news on our phones. We no longer need to sit in front of a TV screen to access what we want. This is great, especially paired with the Xfinity Streaming Beta app. Technology isn’t flawless, leading people to ask, why can’t I watch Xfinity stream on my phone?

You may not be able to watch Xfinity stream on your phone due to software, hardware, or firmware issues, and more. Compatibility greatly affects whether a piece of technology works with apps and other devices. 

If you are having a hard time connecting your phone and the Xfinity Streaming Beta app to watch your favorite shows, do not panic. Just continue to read this article to learn some of the best troubleshooting tips you can use to get everything functioning properly all over again.

Problem Solving Ideas

Technology can be a fickle thing. When this is the case, it leaves users frustrated and often Googling remedies to their issues.  While Google has many different options to help users out in different scenarios, it can take time to sift through the appropriate answers. Here are the best options you can use to troubleshoot your Xfinity streaming woes:

  • Disconnect and reconnect to the WiFi
  • Update your phone’s firmware
  • Be connected to your home’s WiFi
  • Change the show you’re trying to watch
  • Update the app
  • Clear your app cache
  • Make sure you’re logged into the correct account

Keep reading to learn how to do these things and why they can fix your problems. You’ll be watching Xfinity streams on your phone in no time!

WiFi Disconnect

The first thing you should do before opening the Xfinity Streaming Beta app is check to ensure it is connected to WiFi. If it is not connected to WiFi, it will not properly function. To stream, the app requires a lot of data all at once. A WiFi connection is a secure way to provide large amounts of data to get the stream working for you in the best way possible.

Some modems work better with Xfinity than others. Ensure you have an Xfinity compatible modem as well.

Firmware Update

Another common problem a user can have is that they forgot to update the app on their phone, which is outdated. If the app is out of date, it can be susceptible to bugs and other malfunctions in the software. To fix this, it is important to go to the app store online and download the most recent update. Relaunch the app and try again.

Home or Away

It can become an issue if your WiFi is not connected to the home network. The Xfinity Streaming Beta app likes to operate based on its home network. This ensures that illegal sharing does not occur. Make sure to double-check and see if the app is connected to the right WiFi source. Then exit out of the app and try launching it again.

Get With the Program

You may have a bit of trouble if you are trying to watch on-demand shows, live TV, or DVR programs. These shows do not always work on the Xfinity Streaming Beta. DVR and pay-per-view or on-demand shows definitely are not currently compatible. 

Try swapping to a different show or movie to watch and save the program you are trying to grab until you get home to your TV.

Freezing You Out

Another common problem that users report is that the application freezes and crashes when using it. This can be due to poor internet signal, an out-of-date application, or lack of memory on the phone. Try to reset the app and the phone. Relaunch the app and try again. Connect to a different internet connection for stability. 

Clear Cache

If you haven’t cleared the cache on your phone in a while, you could be having trouble trying to stream. The best way to tackle this is to ensure that you clear the cache on your internet browser and on the app itself. This will allow it more memory and room to function properly. It may also require a relaunch to get it to work after you decide to do this.

There are also specific ways to clear the cache on your iPhone without uninstalling and reinstalling the app.

User Not Recognized

If you do not sign in to your Xfinity app to stream, you will be given several errors. To use the Xfinity app, it is important to ensure you are signed in to your account. The account should be the same one you use to pay your monthly bill. This tells Xfinity that you are an eligible customer and should be able to take part in their new streaming app service.

Stream On

While encountering an issue with a streaming service is frustrating, it is also often fixable. Trying any of these steps or a combination of them will solve your problem quickly and efficiently. If you still have issues, it is always best to call a customer service representative. Occasionally company error is the reason for the app failure.

No matter the reason, do not let it get you down. This app is an easy way to watch TV on the go, anywhere, at any time. Enjoy the show, kick back and relax!

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