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Why Can’t I Change The Clock Face On My Fitbit Versa?

Last Updated May 1, 2022

Changing the clockface on your Fitbit Versa is a way to personalize your device and allow your personality to shine through. Many beautiful clock faces are available that can reflect any personal style or mood. Some users find that the process can be finicky and wonder, why can’t I change the clock face on my Fitbit Versa?

When the clockface will not change, it is a firmware or permissions issue. When the firmware is out of date, app functionality can become non-existent. This can make the entire watch unresponsive. If the permissions are not set correctly, it can block apps from projecting the new watch face.

There are many other reasons why the clock face on a Fitbit Versa will not change. Read on to find out each common reason and how they can be addressed to get your Fitbit working better in no time.

Refresh with a Restart

Sometimes technology gets bogged down and needs to be reset to get back in working order. This is also true for a Fitbit Versa. Restarting the Fitbit Versa allows the microchip and programming to start from ground zero, which can often revert it back into a functioning watch once more. 

To restart your Fitbit Versa, you need to press and hold the back and top buttons at the same time until you see the Fitbit logo appear. If the logo doesn’t appear after 15 seconds, try it again. You might not have pressed them at the exact same time.

After doing a restart, try changing your clock face again. You should also ensure that you are following the correct instructions since the process varies slightly across Fitbit models and generations.

Save Face

Many users forget that they need to save their favorite watch faces to use them. They can do this within their clock settings on the Fitbit Versa. If a user goes in and browses a certain face and doesn’t save it, the settings will not stick, and they could lose their watch face forever. Saving a watch face is of the utmost importance.

Brand Name Vs. Unbranded

Users often try to use unbranded watch faces because they have more diverse features and styles. While this is typically fine, there are occasions when an unbranded watch face will stop working. It is wise to swap over to a Fitbit branded watch face when this is the case. This will be compatible and tie you over until the error with the unbranded face is fixed.

Say No to Low Power

When devices are low on power, they often begin to go into an energy-saving mode. This mode will automatically begin to shut down apps that are considered extra. It will run the Fitbit Versa only with basic functionality until the watch is fully powered again. One of the first things to go is often the watch face. It is a function that is nice to have, not a necessity.

System Updates Pending

Touching back on firmware, Fitbit user must regularly update their watch. This requires a WiFi connection as the update comes from the internet. When a watch is out of date, it acts as if it is decommissioned, and its functionality shuts down. Updates also fix bugs, so the bug could be bogging down the Fitbit overall without the fix.

Tight Fit

Fitbit Versa has 4GB of space. Only 2.5GB of this total space is useable. Data and music can quickly eat this up if you download it to the Versa. For those who want to use watch faces, this can become a problem because they need storage space to be used. Check storage to see if it’s full, and try to delete unwanted items to make space to get your watch face working.

Permission to Launch

Watch faces cannot launch and load onto a Fitbit Versa without the right permission within its settings. This has to do with third-party app permissions and privacy practices. Third-party apps that utilize watch faces cannot change your device without permission. Check this within the settings and ensure it is enabled to try to troubleshoot your watch.

Don’t Forget to Reset

Sometimes a factory reset is a key to getting your Fitbit back into normal working order. This can be because of a corrupt file or firmware update or from a power surge. Technology can be finicky, but a factory reset is a tried and true way to fix it. In order to factory reset your Fitbit Versa follow these instructions:

  1. Go to settings on the device
  2. Navigate to About and select it
  3. Select Factory Reset or Clear User Data; they both do the same thing; some Fitbits name it differently than others
  4. Confirm that you are okay with going forward with this action
  5. The process will occur. Wait until it is complete to redownload any apps, music, or profiles.

Replacement Options

Sometimes a Fitbit Versa needs to be replaced. It cannot work properly, and even with troubleshooting, it reverts to its old ways. This signifies that it is time to buy a new one. You can acquire a Fitbit on Amazon and other popular retailers. Once you get the new one, you can log in and continue your fitness journey.

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