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Why Can’t I Change The Channels On Westinghouse TV?

Last Updated Oct 20, 2021
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Westinghouse TVs are known for their economical price point, albeit with fewer tech features than some of the bigger brand names. But even if you have opted for a simpler television like a Westinghouse, every TV should offer the basics, you obviously still want to be able to change the channels!

The channels on your Westinghouse TV likely won’t change because your TV or cable box needs to be rebooted. However, other reasons could arise, like dead batteries in your remote or serious technical issues in the TV.

These super simple solutions will most likely do the trick! We are going to break them down into step-by-step instructions to get your Westinghouse TV working again so you can change the channels with ease!

Why Can’t I Change the Channel?

Issues with changing the channels on your Westinghouse TV could pop up for a variety of reasons, including:

  • A faulty remote
  • A glitch
  • Internal damage to the TV itself
  • Cable box miscommunication

How To Check and Fix my Remote

While this may seem like an obvious solution, it often slips people’s minds once they become frustrated with a seemingly broken device. But it really might just be your remote!

To check and see if it’s the remote that is giving you trouble, try changing the channels on the television itself, if that works, you will need to fix your remote. Usually, that just entails putting in new batteries and making sure they are inserted correctly, but it might mean buying a new remote if it’s still not operational.

If you know the remote is working because it is performing other functions like changing the volume and turning the TV off and on, the next step is just as easy!

How to Run an Auto-Scan on my Westinghouse TV

Most users have reported that performing an auto-scan on their Westinghouse television fixed their channel-changing problem in minutes! So just follow the steps below and hopefully, your problem will be immediately solved.

  • Press MENU on your functioning Westinghouse remote.
  • Navigate to the CHANNEL option.
  • Ensure that the AIR/CABLE toggle is set to Air.
  • Select AUTO-SCAN.

Do not exit the page until the scan is complete. From there, attempt to change the channels with your remote and you may just be back in action.

If for some reason that did not work, you can always try resetting the television back to the factory settings before giving up and tossing the TV in the trash.

How To Reset a Westinghouse TV

Resetting your television might fix all your troubles! And the good news is, it’s a really easy process.

  • Turn the TV off.
  • On the television, hold down the VOL +/- buttons.
  • The Westinghouse symbol should begin to blink on the screen.
  • Use your Westinghouse-provided remote, not a universal or cable provider remote, and press RETURN.
  • The TV will enter into Service Mode.
  • Navigate to the MENU and select GENERAL SETTINGS, then FACTORY RESET.

You won’t lose any of your important saved preferences, it will simply get rid of any bugs the TV may have developed.

If this still doesn’t work, you will probably have to reach out to Westinghouse for help. Unfortunately, they don’t have a great customer service reputation and their responses are known to be slow and incomplete, but it’s certainly worth a try before you buy a whole new TV. If worse comes to worst and you really do need a TV, you can find new and refurbished Westinghouse’s for extremely low prices on Amazon.

It’s important to note that this tactic is only applicable if you cannot change the channels while watching broadcast TV through your antenna connection. If you are watching cable television, it won’t have anything to do with your Westinghouse TV, but we do have a way to possibly fix the problem!

How to Reset Your Cable Box

The last option we want to tell you about is actually for your cable box, not the television itself, but if you are watching your programming through a cable provider, it may actually be their problem, not Westinghouse’s.

While every cable provider supplies a different set-top box, the specific instructions may vary depending on your company. We recommend that you do a little research on how to restart your cable box to ensure it completely resets.

Usually, the process involves turning the box off, unplugging it from the power source, waiting at  least a few minutes, then plugging it back in and turning it back on, but there might be some variations.


While it usually is an auto-scan or remote problem, there is also a chance your TV is set to the wrong input. Make sure that if you are watching broadcast TV, you use the Input button to select ANTENNA, and if you are using a cable box, check to see which input port is connected to and select accordingly.

We really hope you can now change the channels on your Westinghouse TV with ease from the comfort of your couch or bed with your fully functioning remote!

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