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Why Are TCL TVs So Cheap? Are They a Good Brand?

Last Updated Feb 11, 2022

The introduction of the LED TV changed the TV market forever. LED technology makes it possible for companies to produce larger, lighter, and less expensive units with great picture quality and a ton of onboard features. TCL is one of the least expensive brands available, and consumers want to know why and if they’re a good brand.

TCL is the 2nd-best selling smart TV on the North American market because it offers reliability and lots of options at a lower price than other brands like Samsung and Sony. The company’s TVs consistently receive 4-star or higher ratings from customers.

 Now that you know that TCL is a good brand read on to learn what else this innovative company has to offer.

What Makes TCL TVs A Good Choice?

TCL is a Chinese company that was way ahead of the curve on incorporating Roku technology into their TVs. Roku streaming players have since grown in popularity and can be found as standard equipment in several TV Brands.

TCL has also managed to maintain a lower price point than Samsung, Sony, and other manufacturers while offering features above and beyond what you’d expect to find on a base model.

Some of those features include the built-in Roku player, a fully integrated Roku remote control, and access to the TCL mobile app to make setup easier.

TCL Is More Than a Line of Cheap TVs

There’s no doubt that TCL has a strong game when it comes to inexpensive TVs. To achieve 4-star reviews from customers on something almost anyone can afford is an astonishing feat. But what else does TCL offer? Are they just cheap TVs, or are they a major player?

The answer to that question is simple: TCL is definitely a major player that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Their full line of TVs rivals any other and can hold its own in any category:


TCL’s customer reviews speak for themselves when it comes to their smallest and least expensive sets. TCL offers a wide variety of picture quality options, including:

  •  Mini-LED
  •  HD (720p)
  •  Full HD (1080p)
  •  4K UHD (2160p)
  •  Dolby Vision
  • 8K UHD (4320p)
  • QLED 

QLED is a newer technology called “quantum dot LED” that produces more vibrant colors and crisper lines than the standard LED.


TCL doesn’t just make standard 32-inch class sets for mass distribution on Black Friday. They make a TV for virtually every customer. Whether you need that little TV for a spare room or you’re looking for a 98-inch QLED for your home theater, they have you covered.

Price options

You won’t have to spend a fortune to get the features you need with TCL, but they do have high-end models for every need. If it’s just size and a Roku player you need, you can get up to 75 inches of 4K Ultra HD for under $1K.

You can also get up to 98 inches of QLED with all the bells and whistles for ten times that. Needless to say, if you need a new TV, TCL will have plenty of options to suit your taste, needs, and budget.

The Perfect Roku TV

With its stellar customer ratings and a wide variety of available screen sizes, TCL is a brand you can buy with confidence. It is known as one of the best TVs to have as a Roku TV.

More Than Just Televisions

TCL is definitely known best for its line of TVs. However, TCL has irons in quite a few fires like most electronics companies. 

Headphones And Earbuds

TCL has recognized that it’s important to cater to every customer, not just those who spend the most. Whether you need an inexpensive set of earbuds for traveling or a quality wireless set you can rely on for the long term, you’ll find an option that works for you.

Air Conditioners

TCL offers both window air conditioners and portable floor models. They range in size from 5,000 to 15,000 BTUS, meaning you can cool rooms up to 700 square feet. 

Robot Vacuums

TCL has its own version of the iRobot Roomba, known as the Sweeva. Sweevas come in sizes to clean small, medium, and large homes, depending on what kind of floors you have. 

Is TCL Worth It?

In the simplest of terms, yes. TCL is definitely worthy of a shot at your business. They’ve established themselves as a favorite low-end brand with high-end options. The name is recognizable, and the products receive consistently high marks in reviews.

As is common with many overseas companies, the one downfall to TCL is their customer service department. They only offer one way to contact them, and they can be difficult to reach.

Luckily, service of that nature is pretty much a thing of the past, and you can rest assured that there is plenty of information on your TCL TV out there.

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