Why Are My AirPods Making A Buzzing/Popping Noise?

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Apple AirPods are some of the most popular wireless headphones on the market. Although they have many pros, users have reported a few issues including hearing a buzzing or popping noise when they are trying to listen to audio entertainment. If you have experienced this problem, you may be wondering, why are my AirPods making a buzzing/popping noise?

There are essentially three reasons why your AirPods are making a buzzing/popping noise: 

  • The AirPods are not updated with the latest firmware. 
  • The app, not the AirPods, is causing the problem. 
  • They are not properly paired via Bluetooth. 

If you want to learn how to figure out what problem is causing this annoying noise, as well as how to fix it yourself, you are in the right place! In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about the buzzing or popping noise in your AirPods so you can fix them and get back to enjoying your audio entertainment right now!

Why Are AirPods Making a Buzzing/Popping Noise?

As with most technological problems, the solutions to fixing any issue are also the tests to find out what is going wrong. 

As you now know, there are three likely reasons why your AirPods are making a buzzing, static, or popping noise, and in order to figure out which problem you are encountering, you will need to try to fix each one individually. 

  • The AirPods are not updated with the latest firmware. 
  • The app, not the AirPods, is causing the problem.
  • They are not properly paired via Bluetooth. 

We are going to go through the solutions to each of these possible issues in order of easiest to most challenging to fix, and hopefully, your AirPods will be working perfectly in just a few minutes. 

AirPods Are Not Updated

Every device needs to be updated once and a while. But if you are like most consumers, you often skip the update when it is prompted to continue enjoying your current entertainment. 

In order to find out if your AirPods aren’t performing properly due to needing a firmware update, all you need to do is follow the instructions below:

  • Insert your AirPods into their case and connect the case to a power source. 
  • Connect the AirPods to your smart device via Bluetooth. 
  • Ensure your smart device is connected to an internet source. 
  • The latest firmware should automatically update. 

That’s all there is to it! It may just be that your AirPods have stopped making that frustrating sound, and you can continue to listen to your favorite music or entertainment! If the noise is continuing, don’t worry, there are two more tactics to try. 

The App is the Problem

Sometimes, it’s not even the AirPods that are causing the buzzing or popping noise, but instead, it is the app you are using for your audio output. 

The solution for this problem is simple: just try using another app and see if the noises stop! 

If that did the trick, you should delete the app and then redownload it. This will make sure the app is updated and working properly, and you will hopefully be able to use it in connection with your AirPods without any further issues! 

AirPods are Not Paired Properly

While pairing your AirPods to a smart device should be fairly simple, there are a few reasons why they might not be connecting properly, therefore causing static or buzzing noises from the headphones.

The most common issue is that your AirPods are already connected to another device and therefore cannot pair with your desired device. To disconnect the unwanted device, just follow these simple directions: 

  • Open the SETTINGS menu on your smart device. 
  • Click the BLUETOOTH option.
  • Then select the MORE tab next to AirPods. 
  • Select the device it is paired to and click FORGET THIS DEVICE. 

From there, you will be able to successfully pair your AirPods to your desired device which will hopefully solve the problem of the buzzing sound! 


If you’re not sure how to pair your AirPods, you can follow these instructions right now: 

  • Make sure the Bluetooth option is set to ON on the device you want to pair. 
  • Place the AirPods in their case and leave the lid open.
  • Hold down the reset button on the AirPods case for several seconds. 
  • Press and hold the SETUP button until the light flashes white.
  • Open the Bluetooth menu on your smart device and select the AirPods option. 

Now your AirPods should be working perfectly! If none of these solutions worked, and you are still hearing a buzzing or popping noise in your AirPods, unfortunately, you will have to reach out to Apple Support for help. 


Hopefully, you have already solved the problem of the buzzing noise in your AirPods with these three simple solutions! 

And if the problem ever occurs again, you know what to do! 

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