Why Are Known Wi-Fi Networks Not Automatically Connecting to iPhone?

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The easiest part of owning a modern phone is connecting to Wi-Fi networks when your phone recognizes them. You can accidentally use your phone data when you don’t connect automatically.

Wi-Fi networks may have trouble automatically connecting to your iPhone if the Wi-Fi password changes, there’s a poor internet signal, or there are internet dead zones in your area.

Please continue reading to learn more about why your Wi-Fi networks won’t automatically connect to your iPhone. We will walk you through ways to troubleshoot this issue.

Not Connecting Due to Bad Connection

The most common reason your phone won’t automatically connect to a Wi-Fi network is that you have a poor Wi-Fi connection.

Sometimes your Wi-Fi signal strength can be inconsistent even if you have a high-speed internet provider.

Unfortunately, they can’t guarantee perfect service all the time.

Your phone will rely on the most consistent connection available, so if your mobile data is more reliable than your Wi-Fi at that moment, you won’t automatically connect.

The Wi-Fi Password Changed

Some places and people change their Wi-Fi passwords once every few months to protect their security.

This is especially true if their password recently leaked through a data breach.

Someone in your house could have changed your Wi-Fi password without your knowledge to increase security measures while using the internet.

You should ask whoever oversees the internet what the password is and see if it links up with the password already in your iPhone.

Internet Dead Zones

Even if you have an excellent internet connection, you may have dead zones throughout your home where the internet is unavailable.

The most common internet dead zones at your house are your basement or places far away from your Wi-Fi router.

Larger homes struggle with this issue more often, and there are devices you can purchase to increase the signal strength for larger square footage houses.

What You Should Do When Your iPhone Doesn’t Connect to Known Networks

You shouldn’t have to waste your mobile data because you think you’ve connected to a Wi-Fi network automatically.

Wasting hours of data can cost money on your monthly cell phone bill.

If your iPhone can’t connect to a known Wi-Fi network, you need to check your Wi-Fi connection, change your passwords, or check for device issues. Any of these situations can be the cause.

These are the most common situations for your iPhone to not connect to a known network.

If you experience this problem, follow these troubleshooting methods to get things up and running again.

Reboot Your Wi-Fi Router

Even though many homes have to deal with dead zones throughout the area, sometimes your Wi-Fi just doesn’t work how it’s supposed to.

If you’re having issues with your Wi-Fi signal strength, you can check online for an outage or restart your router to resolve the issue. Follow these steps to restart your Wi-Fi router.

  1. Locate your Wi-Fi router
  2. Disconnect the plug from the wall
  3. Wait at least 30 seconds
  4. Plug it back in
  5. Wait for the Wi-Fi router to turn back on

Unfortunately, your Wi-Fi router can take a few minutes to come back to life.

After restarting the router, you should contact your internet provider if you still have trouble with your internet.

Sometimes internet providers need to work on the signal due to regular maintenance.

You may have also accidentally missed a payment causing an unknown disconnection.

Forget The Network

Before you restart your phone, it will be easier to forget the Wi-Fi network and try again.

This is a great method if you believe the Wi-Fi network password was recently changed.

  1. Enter the settings menu on your iPhone
  2. Click the Wi-Fi icon
  3. Click on the network you want to connect to
  4. Select “forget network”
  5. Turn off your Wi-Fi
  6. Turn your Wi-Fi back on
  7. Try reconnecting to the Wi-Fi network

Forgetting a Wi-Fi network is a great way to bring yourself back to the beginning.

Restart Your iPhone

Finally, you can restart your iPhone to get it to connect to known Wi-Fi networks again automatically.

Restarting your iPhone should also install any pending software updates.

If you haven’t restarted your iPhone in a while, you’ll likely have common device bugs like the inability to connect automatically to known Wi-Fi networks.

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