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Why Amazon Echo is Spinning a Blue Light – 4 Solutions

Last Updated Nov 14, 2022
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Amazon Echo devices all glow distinct colors for certain reasons. Sometimes, the light is static. Other times, they emit flashing or spinning lights. With this in mind, some wonder what it means when an Amazon Echo shows a spinning blue light and how they can fix it.

  • Ask Alexa
  • Power cycle your Echo speaker
  • Reset your Echo speaker
  • Contact Amazon tech support

In this article, we will address the issue of the spinning light and the various solutions you can try to fix the issue. Keep reading to learn how to turn this light off!

Why is Amazon Echo Spinning a Blue Light? 4 Solutions

Normally, a blue indicator light shows that your Echo is functioning properly and Alexa is listening to you.

When the blue light is pulsing, it means that Alexa is either talking or processing your request.

A spinning blue light means your Echo speaker just turned on and is starting up. It could also mean the device is reconnecting to your WiFi network. But, if the light continues spinning for more than 60 seconds, it means there’s a problem somewhere within your device.

Unless the light continues spinning for over a minute, there’s nothing to worry about.

If the problem persists, you’ll need to try some troubleshooting methods.

Below, we’ll discuss four fixes you can try to fix a spinning blue light on your Amazon Echo.

Ask Alexa

A blue indicator light on Echo speakers has several meanings, so you might need help to tell exactly what it means.

If you see a continuous spinning light, start by asking, “Alexa, what does your light mean?”

You should get a response on cue. If you don’t, try saying, “Alexa, stop.”

In some cases, your Echo device might be pairing with other devices unintentionally, or it may be processing your commands for longer than usual.

If your command goes through, the spinning light will stop and Alexa will let you know what’s happening.

When your Echo speaker resumes normal operation, it will glow a solid blue color.

Power Cycle Your Echo Speaker

If asking Alexa doesn’t work, try power cycling your speaker.

This is usually the first thing people do whenever their Echo acts up.

Power cycling your device will kickstart basic operations and fix all hidden bugs.

Just follow these simple steps to restart your Echo speaker:

  • Unplug the speaker from the power outlet.
  • Wait for 30 seconds.
  • Plug it back in.
  • Turn the Echo speaker on.

The spinning blue light will stop and resume the normal static blue glow, indicating that Alexa is listening and waiting for you to issue voice commands.

Reset Your Echo Speaker

If power cycling doesn’t stop the spinning blue light, you can try resetting your Echo speaker.

Resetting should be the last resort after exhausting other options. This is because resetting your Echo device erases all data and personalized settings.

After the reset, you will have to set the speaker up from scratch.

The process of resetting your Echo speaker will vary depending on the generation you own.

Below, we’ll discuss how to reset all generations of Echo speakers.

How to Reset 1st-Generation Echo Speakers

If you own a first-generation Amazon Echo, you’ll need to use a paperclip or other small tool to press the button inside the small hole on the top of the speaker.

Hold this reset button for about 20 seconds so the speaker can reset. After, the spinning blue light should change to a solid blue light.

How to Reset 2nd-Generation Echo Speakers

The reset process differs greatly between first and second-generation Echo speakers.

If you have a second-generation Echo, press and hold the microphone off and volume down buttons for at least 20 seconds.

When the speaker finishes resetting, it will shine a bright blue light.

How to Reset 3rd and 4th-Generation Echo Speakers

The reset process is the same on third and fourth-generation Echo speakers.

All you have to do is press and hold the “Action” button. This is the white dot on the top of the speaker. Keep holding the button down for about 20 seconds.

Once you reset your device successfully, the spinning light will disappear.

Contact Amazon Tech Support

If none of the solutions above solve the problem, reach out to Amazon’s tech support for more help.

They will be able to offer more advanced assistance and may even send you a replacement speaker.

In Summary

Glowing lights are used to communicate different statuses on an Amazon Echo.

Usually, a spinning blue light means your device is starting up or connecting to your WiFi network.

But, if you see a continuous spinning blue light, it directly indicates a glitch with your Echo device.

With the above solutions, you can stop the spinning blue light and get your Echo speaker back in good shape.

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