Who Is the Manufacturer of Insignia TV?

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It’s time to shop for a new TV and the Insignia name lines the displays at Best Buy. Many consumers are accustomed to Sony, Samsung, Phillips, and other widely known manufacturers. With the surge of Insignia TVs and electronics, some consumers ask who makes Insignia TVs?

While owned by Best Buy, Insignia TVs are manufactured by Hisense, a Chinese company responsible for a wide range of home appliances and electronics. There are rumors that  Best Buy manufactures these televisions themselves, but the flow of production is not what some assume. 

Best Buy shoppers may have noticed other Insignia products premiered as a dependable Best Buy brand. It’s common for stores to feature brands, take the Kenmore line of appliances at Sears as an example. Keep reading to clear up the details surrounding the relationship between Insignia and Best Buy. 

Does Best Buy Still Make Insignia TVs?

Best Buy, known for its wide selection of electronics, and appliances and home to the Geek Squad offers Insignia TVs and electronics in their stores and online. 

They own the trademark for the Insignia brand, but Best Buy is in the retail business, not manufacturing. Instead, they outsourced, usually to China, to assemble products. Insignia’s Fire TVs are exclusively made by Hisense.

Have Insignia TVs Always Been Manufactured by Hisense?

Well for starters, Hisense is mainly responsible for the Amazon Fire TVs. The higher-level features make them comparable to more reputable brands. 

The fact of the matter is nothing is exclusive when it comes to Insignia TVs. Pondering minds have found evidence that suggests that other Chinese companies have a part in their development.

So little information can be found about the manufacturer of Insignia’s products other than the Hisense name. However, contradicting information is floating all over the web, and some wonder where these misconceptions started. 

A quick Google search about the manufacturer of Insignia TVs spurs more questions. Are their parts made by LG? Does Samsung make Insignia TVs? The only clear answer can be found by turning our direction to the physical product itself. 

Let’s Break it Down Piece by Piece

As a child, did you enjoy taking things apart and reassembling them one metal scrap at a time? This practice of digging deeper can lead to additional discoveries. What could be revealed by disassembling an Insignia TV?

Now don’t fret, no one is asking you to go out to the garage to grab your tools. The investigation has started and conclusions have been made. 

Main Board 

The mainboard of a TV serves as its brain so to speak. A closer look at the label on Insignia TVs reveals a name that resembles that used for Samsung TVs. 

LCD Panel

The LCD panel or eyes of the TV is the main component of the screen. Insignia TVs have either LCD or LED displays depending on the model and size. Disassembling some of these TVs, it has been found that these displays are manufactured by a smaller Chinese company China Star Optoelectronics Technology.

WIFI Module

Modern TVs come standard with built-in Wifi connections as more families turn to stream services for entertainment. To equip their TVs with this function, Insignia turned to Taiwanese manufacturing company Wistron NeWeb.

More About the Company 

The business model of Insignia makes sense. Find the best components from other TVs and use them together to create a lower-priced TV. One could liken this TV to Frankenstein, made up of disjointed parts. It hasn’t taken long for Insignia to make its mark in the world of electronics. 

Insignia Isn’t Just into TVs

Insignia offers more than just TVs. Customers turn to them for refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines, and much more. Perhaps their composition of parts from multiple manufacturers has been the recipe for their success. 

Small electronics like cameras, air fryers, power banks, and phones are offered by Insignia. One feature that Insignia seems to strive for across their products is good quality for a competitive price point. 

CEOs Join Forces to Get an Edge on the Market

2018 marked the dawn of the partnership between Best Buy and Amazon. This brilliant business plan, spurred by Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos and Best Buy’s Hubert Joley secures the Fire TV market. Insignia has quickly established itself as a leader in Fire TV sales.

You won’t find Insignia’s products for sale at Best Buy’s rival stores. It’s in Amazon’s interest to have a brick-and-mortar retailer that promotes Fire TVs as their house brand. 

Key Takeaways

The Insignia brand is owned and operated by retail giant Best Buy. Best Buy outsources the parts from more than one manufacturing company. Best Buy’s partnership with Amazon has resulted in Insignia’s concentration on producing fire TVs.

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