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Who Is The Manufacturer Of Element TV?

Last Updated May 16, 2022
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There is no shortage of television brands available on the market today. Each company has made a name for itself for its individual offerings and the quality of its televisions. Element TVs are well known for providing an affordable television with sufficient picture quality and acceptable sound. But you may be wondering, who is the manufacturer of Element TVs?

Element TVs are manufactured by Element Electronics. This company originally produced and assembled the televisions in China, however, the production has moved to the United States. They opened the company in 2007 and focus on creating affordable and quality televisions. 

If you want to learn a little more about Element Electronics, keep reading! We are going to go through the ins and outs of this company including where they manufacture the televisions, what their televisions offer, and the pros and cons of buying an Element TV for yourself! 

Who is the Manufacturer of Element TVs?

As you now know, Element TVs are manufactured by a company called Element Electronics. 

Element Electronics is a private company based out of South Carolina, USA. However, their move to the USA is fairly recent. They used to be based entirely in China and shipped the Element TVs back to the United States once they were manufactured and constructed. 

Many consumers have reported that they are quite pleased with the fact that Element Electronics have moved their production to the United States, and luckily their prices have stayed affordable even after the move! 

Who is the CEO of Element Electronics?

If you want to know a little more about the inner workings of Element Electronics, you may want to know who is the CEO of this illustrious company. 

Mike O’Shaughnessy is the CEO and even the founder of Element Electronics. He started the company himself in 2007 and continues to run it. Before starting the company, he was the CEO of Polaroid Consumer Electronics, so it’s safe to say he knows what he is doing. 

He originally started the company as an electronics brand, however, in 2011 he decided to change his tactics and focus entirely on televisions. Mr. O’Shaughnessy reported that the company now produces other accessories that complement televisions such as soundbars, but they have not made quite as big of a splash as the televisions. 

Where Are Element TVs Manufactured?

Now that you know the company and the CEO that produces Element TVs, it’s also important to understand where these televisions are made, and their answer is a little complicated. 

When O’Shaughnessy started the company in 2007, production and assembly were all located in China. However, in 2014 manufacturing apparently moved to Winnsboro, South Carolina, USA. 

Here are where the discrepancies come in: while Element Electronics claimed that they were American made televisions, a great deal of research shows that many of the parts were still being made in China, while only the assembly was happening on United States soil. 

They even created an entire marketing campaign to push their “American-made” televisions by putting the flag on the box and encouraging people to support Element and support America. 

The truth is, it’s often quite challenging to find out where their products are being made as most big companies hide some truths in what they share with the general public. 

What Is Element Like as a Company?

While most consumers agree that Element TVs are a great affordable option for a smart television, many people do not know the ins and outs of Element Electronics. 

The company makes several claims that it has an environmentally-friendly production plant, distribution system, and even packaging materials. Again, while it is quite challenging to find out exactly what is going on behind the scenes, they are a part of the Responsible Business Alliance and their televisions have received an Energy Star Certification. 

Distributed by sustainable coalitions that work with electronics companies throughout the country and do prove that they are least making some effort into creating a sustainable product. 

Final Thoughts

When it comes to choosing the right television for your home, there are quite a few factors to consider. Of course, many of us focus on the features and specs that the television provides, however, how and where the television is made can be equally important to some. 

To recap: Element TVs are manufactured in South Carolina, USA by Element Electronics. The company prides itself on its homemade and eco-friendly products that are both affordable and satisfactory picture and sound quality. However, some consumers argue that the company may be promoting a product that is not entirely what it seems. 

If knowing a little more about who makes your devices will influence your decision on which television you purchase for your home, hopefully, you now understand more about Element TVs!

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