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Which USB Cable Do I Need For My HP Deskjet Printer?

Last Updated Jun 3, 2022
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When you buy a new printer, it is easy to forget about the USB cable. This is because it is assumed that the USB cable automatically comes with the new printer. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Sometimes, the manufacturer does not include a USB cable in the box, which will make you wonder which USB cable I need for my HP Deskjet printer?

HP Deskjet printers require a USB 2.0 cable. It provides the best connectivity speeds and printing functionality for the printer. Older-style cables are not compatible and may not fit in the USB port on the HP Deskjet printer.

Before running out to the store and buying any old USB 2.0 printer cable, it is important to stop and look at what is in your box of equipment that came with the printer. Then keep reading to find out which USB 2.0 cables are the best and how to troubleshoot USB cable issues you may have with your new HP Deskjet printer.

Which USB 2.0 Cables you can Use for your HP Deskjet Printer

There are ample amounts of USB 2.0 cables available for purchase online or in stores. It may be tempting to buy the cheapest one and call it a day, but you get what you pay for in the end. There are a lot of different cables that are of good quality and have high speeds. We have compiled a list of the best options and why they rank so highly.

Here are the best USB 2.0 printer cables for the HP Deskjet series:

  1. Amazon Basics USB 2.0 Printer Cable
  2. UGREEN USB Printer Cable
  3. JSAUX USB Printer Cord
  4. Monoprice USB
  5. C2G USB

The table below explains why each printer cable is great for the HP Deskjet Printers.

USB 2.0 Printer CableWhy It’s Great
Amazon Basics USB 2.0 Printer CableThis cable comes in various sizes for less than $10.00. It has gold-plated connectors which prevent corrosion and is high-speed.
UGREEN USB Printer CableThis cable is top quality at an affordable price. It has all the sought-after bells and whistles while boasting an impressive printer compatibility range.
JSAUX 6.6FT USB Printer Cord 2.0This cable is affordable, has gold-plated connectors, and is made of nylon not to tangle and cause a mess with other wires.
Monoprice 6-Feet USB 2.0This USB printer cable is high-speed, has gold-plated connectors, and is highly reviewed on Amazon. It is also affordable.
C2G USB Cable, USB 2.0This bargain buy rings in at $3.00 for 3.5 feet of cable.  It has a foil and braid shield to prevent the cord from experiencing connection disruption.

When ordering a USB 2.0 cable, you won’t go wrong with any of the options on our list. They are made to last, are compatible with newer, high-speed printers, and are durable for the long hall. A cheap cord from a no-name brand could cause you much suffering in the long run.

Ninety-Nine Problems and my USB Cable is One

If you have decided to go with an older cable at home or use the one provided in the box, that could work just as well as a new one in most cases. Sometimes though, the USB cable prevents the printer from working properly. A faulty USB cable can cause an array of problems. 

However, using a USB 2.0 can help troubleshoot what is causing connectivity problems. Make sure your USB 2.0 is in good shape to use it as a troubleshooting tool.

Keep reading to find out which ones are most common and how to fix them.

Corroded Connectors

One such instance in which a USB 2.0 cable will not properly function is if the connectors, also known as the metal pieces inserted into the printer and computer, become corroded and no longer work. The best thing to do is buy a new cable with gold-plated connectors. This will prevent corrosion in the long run and will allow your printer to function again.

Broken Cable

If the USB wire becomes frayed or broken, it will prevent it from talking to the computer to print. This will result in stalled printing, intermittent printing, or absolutely no printing whatsoever. This can be aggravating in all circumstances. It is also best to replace the cable in this instance to ensure that the connectivity to the printer and computer is not jeopardized.

Slow Cable

If you are operating your new printer with an older cable or a slower version of this type of cable, it is time to upgrade. Slower speeds cause slower printing. This means the computer can take a long time to send the data to the printer, which means longer wait times for you, your business, or your family. Upgrade to a USB 2.0 for the fastest, most efficient results.

Dirt in the Connectors

If the computer suddenly stops reading the connection to the printer, it could be due to a dirty connector. Over time, dust and debris can build up in the connectors and cause the signal to get blocked or skewed. When this is the case, it is best to use canned air or a q-tip to get the dirt out. Try reconnecting the cable and see if the printing function works properly again.

A 2.0 Will Streamline Your Printing

Investing in a USB 2.0 cable is the best possible option for your HP Deskjet printer. Luckily, there are many great options that will not break the bank. Although the cord that usually accompanies the printer should work, it is always nice to upgrade to the fastest options available for the best possible results.

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