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Which Ring Doorbell is Best for Apartments? 

Last Updated Nov 7, 2022
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Are you thinking of getting a Ring doorbell for your apartment and want to know which model will best fit your needs? Then this is the article you were looking for! We are going to find out which Ring doorbells are great for apartments right now so you can confidently make your purchase! 

The best Ring doorbells for apartments are those which do not have to be hardwired but instead run on batteries. The Ring doorbells that run on batteries that are great for renters are the Ring Peephole Camera, the Ring Doorbell, the Doorbell 2, and the Doorbell 3. 

If you want to find out a little more about each of these options, as well as their pros and cons and why they’re great for apartments, read on! We are going to dig into the best Ring doorbells for apartments right now. 

Which Ring Doorbell Should You Get as a Renter?

So, what makes a Ring doorbell good for an apartment? Well, it’s actually quite easy to understand. 

While some Ring doorbells need to be hardwired, which is usually difficult or even impossible for renters, others are battery-operated. By opting for a battery-operated Ring doorbell, you can simply stick it on and enjoy enhanced security at your apartment. 

Here are the 4 best battery-operated Ring doorbells for apartments:

  • Ring Peephole Camera
  • Ring Doorbell
  • Doorbell 2
  • Doorbell 3

Now, we’re going to discuss the details of each option so you can decide for yourself which one is right for your apartment. 

Ring Peephole Camera

Although all four options on this list are great for apartments, the Ring Peephole Camera may just be the best! 

And here’s why: with the Ring Peephole Camera, you don’t even need to drill a hole in the wall! It can fit directly into the peephole on your door, and it takes less than 5 minutes to install. 

But that’s not all that’s great about it. You can also still look through the hole to see who’s at the door, connect it to the Ring app to view from your phone or device, and it has motion sensors to detect and capture when someone is outside your door. 

Realistically, the only downside to the Ring Peephole Camera is that Ring has discontinued the product. Which means you will only be able to find one on Amazon or another online marketplace. 

Ring Doorbell

Next on our list, we have the Ring Doorbell. This classic model has absolutely everything you need in a security video doorbell, and a bit more! 

All you need to do to install it is screw the mount into the wall, click the device into place, download the Ring app, connect the two, and enjoy being able to see anything that’s happening on the other side of your door whenever you want! 

In addition to the 1080p resolution camera, the Ring Doorbell also has motion sensor detection, it connects with any Alexa assisted device, and stores your videos for up to 60 days on your Ring account. 

The only disadvantage of opting for the Ring Doorbell is that the battery is not removable. That means whenever you need to charge it, you have to take the entire device off the mount. 

Doorbell 2

Now, the Doorbell 2 has a few extra features that might make it the better fit for your apartment. 

First, it has a removable battery pack, which makes charging a whole lot easier! In fact, you can purchase a backup battery pack so that your video doorbell never has to be out of commission. 

As well, in addition to the standard features such as 1080p resolution, no-wire installation, Alexa compatibility, two-way talk, and motion detection, the night vision is quite a bit better than that on the Ring Doorbell. 

Doorbell 3

Finally, we have the Ring Doorbell 3, which is fairly similar to the Doorbell 2 but with a few additional features to be aware of. 

Although the Ring Doorbell 3 has everything that the Doorbell 2 has, including wire-free installation and a removable battery back, it also provides improved motion detection, privacy zones, and audio privacy options.

The Ring Doorbell 3 can also connect to 5.0 WiFi, making the video faster, more reliable, and even slightly better quality than any of the other options on this list. 

It’s important to note that for the Ring Doorbell, Doorbell 2, and Doorbell 3 all have one pretty big downside: They are a little too easy to steal. 

However, Ring does offer theft protection covers that are great for apartments that share entryways or those which will be visible and accessible to strangers on a regular basis. 

The Bottom Line 

When it comes to keeping your apartment secure, a Ring Doorbell is a fantastic option! 

And now you know the best models the company provides for apartments, and hopefully, you have already chosen the perfect option for yours! 

Once you screw in the wall mount and connect your device, you can enjoy feeling safe in your home and be able to see whoever is paying you a visit from the Ring app. 

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