Which Insignia TV Has HDMI 2.1? (And Alternatives To Consider)


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Buying a TV with the best picture quality can be very important. Not only will it enhance your overall viewing experience, but it will allow you to see all the minor details the show has to offer. A great way to ensure you have the best picture quality is to buy a TV with HDMI 2.1 capability. If you are an Insignia TV enthusiast, you must wonder which Insignia TV has HDMI 2.1?

At this time, Insignia does not have a TV that offers HDMI 2.1 capability. Although Insignia does not have HDMI 2.1, they offer high-quality 4K televisions with crystal clear pictures. These options can be a good alternative and offer clear, crisp picture quality.

If you have your heart sold on the latest and greatest TV technology and need to have HDMI 2.1 for your new TV, don’t fret, there are TVs with this option available. Read on to find out what HDMI 2.1 is and which TVs have this functionality.

What HDMI 2.1 Is

It can be easy to confuse HDMI and HDMI 2.1. Further, if you search HDMI 2.1, sometimes you’ll get TVs that just have two HDMI ports. Since it’s so new, here’s a breakdown of it.

HDMI 2.1 is the most recent HDMI available. It supports higher refresh rates and resolution videos. This HDMI input can support refresh rates of up to 8K60 and 4K120. The resolutions can top out at 10K. Bandwidth capabilities have also increased to 48Gbps and the dynamic HDR format is now supported. 

In addition to this, there are plenty more features that HDMI 2.1 boasts.

HDMI 2.1 Features

Now that you know what HDMI 2.1 is, you probably want to know its details. After all, you are a tech enthusiast, and this is the new, top-of-the-line technology. Here is a list of some of the best features it can provide:

  • The highest video resolution on the market, with a resolution topping 10K.
  • Highest refreshing rate on the market, with the refresh rate topping 8K60 and 4K120.
  • Support for commercial and industrial uses.
  • Dynamic HDR.
  • Ultra-high-speed cable support, with bandwidth up to 48Gbps.
  • Sourced-Based Tone Mapping enables gaming devices to produce optimized HDR automatically.

TVs with HDMI 2.1

HDMI 2.1 has amazing specs, and it is tempting to buy a TV with this capability. Before running to the store, it is important to know which TVs you should look at and how much they cost. We have provided you with the info to make your life easier:

Vizio M-Series Quantum MQ6$579.99
Hisense U7G Android TV$649.99
Hisense U8G Android TV $999.99
LG C1 OLED$1,196.99
Samsung QN90A Neo QLED$1,197.99
Sony Bravia XR A80J$1,798.00

Vizio M-Series Quantum MQ6

The Vizio M-Series Quantum MQ6 also only comes in two sizes, 55” and 65”, respectively. It features a QLED screen, three HDMI 2.1 ports, and a 60hz refresh rate. It responds quickly to users, has a quantum dot display, supports Dolby Vision and HDR1-+, and comes with a voice-controlled smart remote. It is another great budget-friendly option with optimal graphics.

Hisense U7G Android TV

The Hisense U7G Android TV is the ideal TV for gaming. It comes in 55”, 65” and 75” options. It has a 120hz refresh rate, QLED screen,  and quantum-dot display that enhances screen brightness. Additionally, it has a low lag time and extremely sharp color. This is great for first-person shooters, MMORPGs, or just watching your favorite show in UHD.

It’s one of the two available Hisense models with HDMI 2.1.

Hisense U8G Android TV

The Hisense U8G Android TV only comes in two sizes which are 55” and 65”. Although it doesn’t have as many diverse size options, the price is amazing for all of its features. It has an LCD with quantum dot technology, a very bright display, great color and contrast, and a very low lag time. It is a bargain for its price and densely packed features.


The LG C1 OLED is one of the best options for a TV with HDMI 2.1. It comes highly rated due to its advanced features. This TV comes in 48”, 55”, 65”, 77”, and 83” screen options. It has four HDMI 2.1 ports for ultimate picture connectivity. Additionally, it has gaming features, so users who want to use it as a gaming monitor will not be disappointed.

Samsung QN90A Neo QLED

The Samsung QN90A Neo QLED comes in 55”, 65”, 75”, and 85” size options. It features a mini-LED and QLED screen with a 120hz refresh rate. It is very bright due to its Neo QLED technology, has anti-glare capabilities, and has a solar-powered rechargeable remote. It is a great option for eco-friendly users who still want fantastic picture quality.

Sony Bravia XR A80J

The Sony Bravia XR A80J comes in 55”, 65” and 77” options. It has 4 HDMI 2.1 ports for all of your HDMI needs. Its audio and picture quality are top of the line and it offers more smart features than other TVs. The interface provided is the Google TV interface which is very user-friendly. 

Other Brands

Many other popular brands have TVs with HDMI 2.1. Some of them are TCL and Toshiba. However, other brands have yet to jump onto the HDMI 2.1 bandwagon, such as Insignia.

HDMI 2.1 TVs are the Future

HDMI 2.1 TVs will continue to come out in the future, as they feature the best quality technology available. These TVs offer stunning graphics, amazing response time, and a sharpness that is above and beyond their regular HDMI competitors. Although Insignia does not offer an HDMI 2.1 TV, it is likely they will in the future.

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