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Where to Wear Amazon Halo Band

Last Updated Aug 8, 2022
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The Amazon Halo Band is the go-to fitness tracker for many people. It offers many functions to track your health and features a great app that houses all the information it generates. The band has many different sensors that collect data related to your health. But, where should you wear the Amazon Halo Band? 

The Amazon Halo Band was made to be worn on your arm, about a finger’s width from your wrist. Always pull the band tightly to ensure it fits snugly. It’s also recommended that you wear the Halo Band on your non-dominant wrist for greater accuracy. 

Below, we will discuss more information on the areas of your body that are best fit to wear your Amazon Halo Band. Keep reading to learn how to get the most out of your device!

Where Should I Wear My Amazon Halo Band?

We are all concerned about our health and wellbeing. However, most of us do not have the option or time to visit a doctor weekly and get a health check. 

A wearable fitness tracker is a great tool for discovering more about your health. The Amazon Halo Band has become a favorite among many due to the number of features and amount of information it offers users. 

The Halo Band Sensor capsule is a great little device. It was created to track your daily activities and health stats to give you information about your habits and activities. This band includes a lot of different sensors to keep track of your movements and other information. However, these sensors need to be in the right spot to measure data accurately. 

The Amazon Halo Band works best when worn on your wrist, approximately a finger’s width above your hand. You will need to ensure the band fits snugly in order to collect as much information as possible. 

Amazon also recommends wearing the Halo Band on your non-dominant wrist. This is because the device tracks your movement, and most of us move our dominant hand much more than the other. 

You can still choose to wear the tracker on whichever wrist feels better, but generally, the information will be more accurate on your non-dominant wrist. You can change your settings in the app to let the tracker know which arm you’re wearing it on. This will adjust the measurements accordingly to deliver the most accurate data possible.

Can I Wear the Halo Band Anywhere Else? 

Although some people prefer to wear their fitness trackers on their ankles, the Halo Band was not designed to be worn anywhere other than the wrist. While the device will still work when worn around your ankle, the measurements will be much less accurate.

Some have found that wearing the tracker around their ankles causes the device to count significantly fewer steps and does not measure their heart rate as well as it should. For best results, always wear your Halo Band on your non-dominant wrist.

When Should I Take My Amazon Halo Band Off?

Although some prefer only to wear their Halo Band while exercising, wearing your fitness tracker as often as possible will give you much more information about your general health and fitness level. 

The Halo Band can even track your sleep patterns, meaning it’s recommended that you wear it overnight. This will ensure you get the data you need to work toward better sleeping habits. 

In addition to all of this, the Amazon Halo Band is water resistant. You can keep it as you swim laps in the pool, and you will not even need to take it off before you get in the shower.

What Does the Amazon Halo Band Track?

The Amazon Halo has many features and collects data on various health-related functions. Some of the things it tracks include: 

  • Body composition and body fat percentage. This is a much better indication of your overall health than your weight alone. 
  • Movement. The Halo Band will measure how much you move in a day, including the number of steps you take. 
  • Sleep patterns. You can track the hours you sleep each night, how often you wake up during the night, and more.
  • Activity. This fitness tracker can tell you the exact amount of active minutes you have each day, as well as the intensity level of your activities.  
  • Your voice tone. The Halo Band can even record and dissect the way you speak to people to help you improve your social health as well as your physical health. You can always turn this feature off if you have privacy concerns.

The features above are just a small fraction of everything the Amazon Halo Band can do, and there are many other functions you can explore through the tracker or the Amazon Halo app.

Wearing Your Amazon Halo Band

The Amazon Halo Band is designed only to be worn on your wrist to ensure that all the data it collects is as accurate as possible. Try to wear the tracker as often as you can, even while you’re sleeping or swimming laps in the pool.