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Where to Mount Roku Ultra? 4 Ideas

Last Updated Jul 7, 2022
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The small size of the Roku Ultra makes it easy to mount the device in many different places around your entertainment system. This makes it part of a versatile smart home setup that is also sleek and keeps your living space looking sharp.

Below you’ll find an idea for four different places you can mount your Roku Ultra as well as a few ideas for how to attach them securely to their installation points. Read on to learn more about mounting Roku Ultra and where you can put it.

Mounting Roku Ultra on a Cabinet

One of the easiest places to mount the Roku Ultra device is on a cabinet near the television monitor. Mounting the Roku on a cabinet helps it blend into the furniture and gives your entertainment center a more streamlined appearance. Cabinet mounts are a smart mounting placement for televisions that are wall-mounted in kitchens.

The best option for mounting a Roku Ultra on a cabinet is to use an adhesive mounting bracket. This allows you to mount the Roku vertically and also prevents you from having to put any nail holes in your cabinetry for the mount in case you ever want to move it.

An advantage of using an adhesive mounting bracket to mount your Roku Ultra on a cabinet is that it doesn’t require any tools for installation. All you have to do is remove the backing on the strong VHB tape on the back of the mounting bracket and place it firmly on the side of the cabinet or entertainment center.

Mounting Roku Ultra on the Wall

If you don’t have any extra space on or around your entertainment center to place your Roku Ultra, another place you can potentially mount it is on the wall near the television.

Since the Roku Ultra connects to the TV using a wireless signal, it can be mounted away from the television without impacting its ability to operate.

Here are some tips for mounting Roku Ultra on the wall:

  • Use a vertical mounting bracket. Like mounting the Roku Ultra on the entertainment center, mounting Roku Ultra on the wall requires the use of a mounting bracket to keep the Roku device in place.
  • Check connectivity before finalizing installation. Make sure that wherever you mount the Roku that you can get good connectivity between the Roku, the television, and the Roku remote. An advantage of the Roku Ultra remote is that it doesn’t require line-of-sight to operate, so the Roku doesn’t have to be that close to the remote to work.

Wall-mounted Rokus are especially useful when paired with wall-mounted televisions. Keeping electronics off the ground maximizes the use of small spaces and makes the space look less cluttered.

Mounting the Roku Ultra to the Television

If you don’t have enough space on the entertainment console or the surrounding walls to mount your Roku device, another option for placing the mount on your Roku Ultra is on the television itself.

With the use of an adhesive mounting bracket, the Roku can be mounted to the back of the television where it will be hidden completely from view. If you’re trying to keep your entertainment center as minimalist as possible, a mount on the back of the television can keep things looking tidy and spartan.

If you plan to mount your Roku Ultra to the back of the television, keep these pointers in mind:

  • Don’t mount the Roku over the television’s exhaust. The television exhaust needs to be completely clear to prevent the television from overheating during use.
  • Look for a mounting bracket with good airflow. A good mounting bracket will leave some space between the Roku and the mounting surface to keep both devices cool.

Mounting your Roku Ultra directly to your television is a useful way to keep all of your electronics together without them taking up a lot of space visually.

Mounting the Roku Ultra on the Entertainment Center

If you have space on the surface of your entertainment center or console, you always have the option to just place the Roku Ultra on the top of the console. However, if you want to mount the Roku Ultra on the side of the cabinet, you’ll need to purchase a mounting bracket to set it on.

The Roku Ultra can be mounted either on the outside or the inside of the entertainment center. Since the Roku Ultra doesn’t require line-of-sight for operation, it can be completely hidden without affecting its ability to work.

Mounting Brackets Are the Best Option for Mounting Roku Ultra

No matter where you decide to install your Roku Ultra, an adhesive mounting bracket is possibly the most useful accessory you can purchase to get your Roku set up. Be sure to check the model compatibility on your mounting bracket for best results, since some brackets work with 2019 and older models, while others are compatible with the 2020 and newer ones.

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