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Where Is The Reset Button On Roku Ultra?

Last Updated Jul 2, 2022

With Roku Ultra, you can stream movies and shows instantly. It provides hundreds of different app options to allow you a wide range of genres to enjoy. Sometimes technology breaks occasionally and requires a reset. To perform a reset, you need to know where the button is, which leads to the question, where is the reset button on the Roku Ultra?

The reset button on the Roku Ultra is on the back of the device. It is placed on the bottom left or right-hand corner. This button can perform a hard reset to get your Roku Ultra device running again. It is also the power button you can push when or if you lose your Roku remote control. 

Knowing where the reset button is can help you fix a technical problem or power down the device when you cannot find the remote. This poses a convenient option as an alternative to the traditional remote option. Keep reading to learn how to perform a hard reset and the many reasons you may need to perform one.

How to Perform a Hard Reset with Roku Ultra

Sometimes the Roku Ultra stops performing at peak performance. This is evident when the screen starts to lag, audio stops pairing to the imagery, or when the screen freezes. In many of these instances, it is necessary to perform a hard reset. If you have never performed one before, follow these quick and easy steps to make it happen:

  1. Go to “System Settings”
  2. Navigate to the settings menu
  3. Select “System”
  4. Click “Power”
  5. Select “System Restart”
  6. The system will begin the restart process. This will take a few minutes.

These steps will allow your Roku to reset and potentially fix the problem. A reset allows the memory to clear and function better than it had at the beginning. It is like a system refresh.

Perform a Hard Reset Without a Remote

This is one of the easiest ways to perform a hard reset on the Roku Ultra. However, it is important to note that it is not the only way to do so. If you lose the Roku remote and need to perform a hard reset, there is a way to do so without a remote:

  1. Flip over the Roku Ultra box so you can see the bottom
  2. Look for the power button on the bottom right or left-hand corner
  3. Press and hold the power button for 10 seconds
  4. Release the button after 10 seconds and wait about five minutes
  5. Press the button once to power it back on

This will successfully reset the Roku Ultra. Try performing the task that was not working properly to test to see if it worked. In most cases, it should have.

Reasons to Perform a Hard Reset

When it comes to technology, there is a wide array of reasons why a device may need to undergo a hard reset. This usually happens when something malfunctions or the software has a bug. It isn’t always evident when a reset is the best option. If this is the case, don’t sweat; just continue to read our suggestions below.

Frozen Screen

It may be time for a restart if you are watching a show and it seems to freeze out of nowhere. This freezing may result from an overheated Roku unit that has not had a moment to reset and refresh in a while. Perform the hard reset and see if it makes a difference before moving on to other troubleshooting tips online.

Audio and Video Mismatch

Sometimes the audio and the video fall out of sync. This can be due to buffering issues or because of system issues. A great way to adjust this issue is to perform a reset. It will wipe out the current functionality the computer in the device is trying to read and start all tasks over in a fresh manner. 

Finish an Update

When the Roku Ultra or any other Roku requires an update, it may need to be reset to finish the process. This is a way to solidify the update and allow the system to finish downloading the files and firmware. This is a typical requirement for many newer computers, tablets, and devices used in the home every day.

Network Refresh

You may need to perform a hard reset when the network is adjusted on the Roku Ultra to ensure internet access or WiFi functionality is working properly. This will help the connectivity refresh and stabilize the network. It will result in better speeds and buffering rates when streaming your favorite shows and movies on Roku. 

Reset, Relax, and Unwind

Using the reset button is a relatively easy fix for most technical issues regarding the Roku Ultra. This means most people can DIY the fix right at home. If the Roku Ultra still isn’t working after this fix, it may be a sign to go out and buy a new one. After all, technology does not last forever.

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